Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best Smartphones at present. Millions of people are crazy about this phone because of its specs and features. It is the best selling phone of 2012. It has a 4.8” super AMOLED screen display, quad core processor, 2100 mAh battery, 4G connectivity, Android 4.1.2 OS aka The Jelly Bean. This phone is expected to be released in December or early January. The company still has not made any official statement yet about the screenshots but rumours are already viral on the internet.

galaxy s3

Here are some of the tips and tricks of this great phone which may not be mentioned in the phone manual.

Calling or Texting

When you are in the contacts folder, to make a call or text the contact use the touchscreen gestures. Just  Swipe right to left on a name to send a text message to anybody in your contacts or swipe from left to right to call any person in your contact list.

Extend The battery life

It is very frustrating when you need to make an urgent call and your phone signals low battery. When you want to get most out of your mobile phone battery then you can use the power saving feature of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Enabling this feature many features on your handset change and so you get longer battery life. It will change the hefty feedback, screen brightness, CPU speed, web browser’s background color.

For making Short Clips and Films

Those who love to film and edit videos  will be very happy to know that you can trim the videos on Samsung Galaxy S3. So, for those who love filming and editing, you can get perfect short clips from the built in app.

Viewing or reading web pages Offline

Now you can read web pages offline too and it is easy on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Hit the menu soft button and store any webpage and then save the page for reading it offline.

Protecting Your Smartphone

If you unfortunately use your phone and you are scared the personal info that is stored in your phone might fall into wrong hands. Do not worry you can remotely swipe your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with a handy feature in the phone.  For doing so you need to sign up online with Samsung and then you get the option of remotely wiping your device, in case you lose it you can even find it with the online feature “Find my Phone”


These are some of the tips and tricks of the Samsung Galaxy S3.