Given the current technological advancements, having WIFI has become as important as having electricity. Thanks to technological developments, people can have cellular routers to help them connect to the internet whenever they are out of the house. If you tend to leave the house a lot and have tasks that require wireless connectivity, it is important to buy cellular routers for your convenience.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a portable WIFI router.

It is convenient

Companies such as Cradlepoint manufacture portable routers that provide users with a lot of conveniences. For instance, if an individual plans to travel to an area that has no wireless internet, they can easily rely on their portable router until they have left the area. The next time you plan on traveling for work or personal business, you do not have to worry about wireless connectivity. All you have to do is buy one of the best portable routers, and you will enjoy your trip. You will not have to ask hotels for their WIFI passwords or switch hotels because they do not have WIFI.

Saves battery life

One of the alternatives that people tend to use if they can access WIFI is tethering their mobile data. Such might seem like a convenient option, but it drains your battery quickly. If you keep recharging your battery often, you increase its chances of getting damaged. People who do not use their phones regularly have reported longer battery life. Therefore, it is best to buy a portable router l9ke, made by Cradlepoint, to help increase your battery’s life. When you have a portable router, you will not have to drain your battery quickly, thus increasing its lifespan.

It is cheaper

Have you ever received a large amount on your phone bill and wondered how you ended up spending such an amount? The reason your phone bill was high is because of using a lot of mobile data. If you do not want to pay such high bills, it is advisable to buy a portable router. The router will offer you unlimited internet at a lower price than that paid for phone bills. You will not have a limit on the amount of data you can use within a month. Such is a common cause with some providers that provide mobile internet. If you buy a portable router, you will get to enjoy an internet connection to the maximum. It will also save you unnecessary expenses such as those incurred when you walk into a coffee shop to use their WIFI.

It is safer

Public WIFI has a very high chance of being hacked into. Therefore, if you prefer to use public WIFI to do important tasks on your phone or computer, you risk having your information stolen. People have reported cases of stolen identity, and it is unfortunate that they cannot explain how it happens. Technology has changed a lot, and it is necessary for people to observe the safety of their information. The best way to do so is to avoid public WIFIs. Such can be done by buying a portable router that will offer you all the safety you need to use a wireless network connection.

The best part about printable routers is that your work will never be disrupted by power outages. Non-portable routers do not function when there is a power outage and this can disrupt your schedule a lot. Hence, if you are looking for convenience and safety, a portable router is all you need to buy. You will not have to worry about elapsed work deadlines or having someone steal your identity.