Have you ever searched for people online? Yes!!! Then have found the exact results you were looking for? The answer will most probably be NO. Whenever you search a person on online/Google there are chances that you will come across their social media profiles. Apart from that, it is quite hard to find out any other information about them. Wondering why is there a need to verify a person’s details online? There are many instances where you have to run a background check on someone. In this article, you will find more details on why people need to conduct a background check and where to conduct it.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the topic then.

How can you quickly find information about a person online?

First things first, before you dive further into the topic. Let’s know more about how to find information about a person on the internet quickly. As mentioned earlier, you will find information on Google about a person but the matter is that you will only be able to find the most basic data about that person. When you type their name you will find hundreds of profiles with similar name or details. Don’t you think you need a much more efficient method to find details of a person online? This is where people’s search enters the picture. As you have agreed that you need a tool that performs better than Google then give People search by Kiwi Searches a chance.

This tool will help you in searching through all the public records of a person living in the United States of America. It is not an exaggeration to say that this tool has eased the worries for many people as they can now find the information about anyone at any time. Conducting a background check and compiling a report was a daunting task. But with People Search, it takes hardly 10 minutes to search.

How to perform the search? This must be the question plaguing your mind. No worries, it is as simple as breathing. All you have to do is, go to https://kiwisearches.com and enter the name of the person you need details about and click search. There you go, you will get all the available details of this person. If you are wondering whether the data is accurate and up-to-date, you can put your worries to rest. Once you click on the search button Kiwi search will crawl through billions of public records stored in their ever-expanding database to provide you with accurate data. Since public records are maintained up-to-date you can be assured about the relevancy and accuracy.

When might you need to check a person online?


As mentioned in the introduction, you may come across situations where you need to find details about a person. Whenever you apply for a job, they would conduct background checks on you before you’re hired. So background verification is not a new thing. However, apart from professional reasons, there are few other instances where you will be conducting a background verification.

Find your Child

If you have given up your kid for adoption and now you want to reconnect with your child or know about their whereabouts or see how they are doing. It is totally possible with Kiwi Searches. Without this tool, it would have been quite impossible to actually find details about your child after adoption. But Kiwi searches will help you in taking the first step. You can search and get their basic information.

Find your friends

Not only that with Kiwi Searches you can find your long lost friends too. As you are busy with your everyday life sometimes you may lose contact with your friends. Even some of your closest ones. Earlier it is quite hard to get hold of their details, as you have to either ask your acquaintances or search through the telephone directory. But changing times have brought technology closer to people and has eased most of their troubles. Search for your friends on kiwi search, get their details from public records and rekindle your friendship.

Buying from Online Breeders

Whenever you are purchasing a pet online, buyers have to be careful about many details. If you want to know whether the seller is a professional or scam artist you can search about them on this tool. Reverse Address Searches & Reverse Phone Lookup will help you in identifying the address and phone number of the breeder so that you will not end up being the victim of a scam.

Keep your loved ones safe

The outside world is not as safe as it seems. There are both good and bad people out there, so if you want to keep your loved ones safe you must take measures. From baby sitters to teachers you can conduct a background check on people who surround your loved ones to keep you and them safe.

Lastly, apart from this, you can also use this tool to check on anyone at any time. From prospective dates to contractors, you can check about anyone who seems suspicious or a stranger who you will associate with. Another thing that you can be assured of is that this tool is highly confidential. Simply put, the person you’re searching for will not be notified about the search. You will be getting the latest accurate data about them without burning your pocket.

What information can be found about a person using Kiwi Searches?

Now that you have understood about the People Search then you must be curious about the information you can find about a person using this tool. One thing you must understand is the information you will be receiving in your report may vary based on the type of your search. But you can be assured that you will be finding all the important information related to that person. From Phone number to Current & Previous addresses you will be able to find all important information relating to them. Here are a few important details you will be able to find through People’s search.

  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Email
  • Education & Job history
  • Previous & Current Addresses

Apart from these basic details, if you want to find other details then you can run premium searches. Premium searches will provide you with details that are not found in a basic search report. The premium search allows you to check criminal background, bankruptcy reports, sex offender checks, Lien & Judgement Checks. Apart from these Kiwi Search also has other important tools such as reverse address lookup and reverse phone searches. Through these tools, you can find any Phone number or Address in the United States of America.

Benefits of using Kiwi Searches

You must have already understood about the Kiwi Searches and how it will help you in locating/finding information about people. There are many benefits of using the Kiwi Search. In this article let’s discuss a few of them to help you see how useful this tool is.

Safety of you & your loved ones

One thing that you cannot compromise is the safety of your loved ones. Daily, you will be meeting and dealing with a lot of people, you don’t have to check about everyone. But it is important to check about people that you will acquaint with quite frequently. Be it your neighbours or babysitters- it is just to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe all the time. The only place that you can completely let your guard down is your house. You need to check people entering this zone of your life so that you can have your peace of mind.

Financial Protection

It is better to be prudent than regret later. Don’t you agree? If you’re starting a business or sharing your financial details like bank accounts with others. It would be better for you to run a financial check on them rather than regretting later. This is just to protect yourself from scammers or any unfortunate situations.

Finding people made easy

You may think that finding people on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is quite easy. But the truth is quite far from it. As you see, there will be hundreds of profiles with a similar name. So it would take you hours to find the person you’re looking for. However, with People Search, it hardly takes you a minute to find them. No more going through a complicated search process to find people.

Wrapping up

Kiwi Search will help you in finding all the details you need to find about a person residing in the United States from anywhere at any time. From their contact information to marriage records, you can find all the details you want about them online. Next time you need to find details about someone, you know where to go!