Samsung Smartphone is called AITV

Samsung became the first mobile phone maker to announce the launch of a smart phone using the new Windows 8 mobile software. This announcement was made in a hurry just before everyone was expecting the launch of Nokia’s new version. This announcement was made at a Berlin Electronic show. It is expected that people may turn towards the Samsung windows phone for the reason that U.S. jury passed a judgment for the ban of many Samsung Google Android phones as it seemed to have infringed Apple company’s  patents.

samsung unveils new windows 8 powered mobile

The new Samsung Smartphone is called AITV. Its features are 1.5 GHz dual core SoC, HSPA+42 connectivity and a 4.8 Hd display, 1.9 MP front VT camera, 8 MP rear auto focus camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 GB RAM, Wi-Fi channel bonding, 2 GB RAM, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, standard battery etc.

This phone brings all the hardware features of the Samsung Galaxy S lll  to itself.  It even exceeds the features of Samsung Galaxy S lll  in its construction as it features an aluminum body rather than a plastic one.

The phone though has a big 4.8 inch display, is still comfortable to hold. It is sleek in nature and also allows you to hold it comfortably and keeps your fingers off the screen when you hold it in your hand. Though it is solid, yet it not heavy and it is blended with perfection that your hand is not fatigued. Its aluminum but not plastic finish, speakers on the front and back, it’s flat out structure and every other minute detail is perfectly crafted by Samsung to catch the attention of buyers and to leave a mark of envy on the rivals.

Samsung which was considered to be the top company for the sale of its products, has received a big blow when it was accused by Apple for patent fight infringement, however it showed to the world once again that it can lead on various OS platforms. These will be available in the market from October-November.

Eagerly in wait for October!!!