Top Digital Signage Android Apps

Digital signage (commonly referred to as DS), is constantly gaining popularity. If we take into account information according to Videonations, one of the main suppliers of great business technology, digital signage has a huge growth in transportation networks, retail stores, corporate establishments, hotels, exhibitions and even education establishments. This is a technology that offers a great way to properly communicate, effectively persuade prospects and even enhance brand image.

In order to offer a better understanding of the process, let us analyse the top 4 DS Android apps that you have to consider.

Differences In Software Options

All really good DS apps will have some standard things in common. Continuous playback is always offered and we are faced with completely customizable resolutions based on the display that would be used. Most of the apps will give you the possibility of interacting with signage through the use of WiFi through an RSS feed.

The apps can be paid or free. Some are almost free in the sense that software enhancements are paid but the rest is free.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need a tablet in order to take advantage of DS. For instance, the highly popular Galaxy S4 can get the job done and the Note 4 hybrid is obviously one option that would be perfect.


Novasign allows you to really easily promote or effectively communicate the business to the target audience. It is so easy to create the best possible campaigns and use elements that are not common in order to simplify the process. The software allows service solutions that are very easy to install on practically anything from Android TV to a smartphone. You can update it based on events, location and time so that you can gain the attention of potential clients.


FirmDroid is an Android app that requires signing up to FirmChannel. That is the only way in which content can be displayed. The solution offered is robust. You can set up a playlist that is sent to screens and showcase weather forecasts, RSS feeds, videos, photos and a whole lot more.


This DS app will allow streaming content that has different signage zones. It is important to realize that different zones can be set up in order to have coverage of different continents and various times. Updates can be done remotely from smartphones. The software is offered as service cloud solution. Signage can be updated from any location from around the world. The only thing that is needed is an internet connection. Although the app is paid, a trial period of 1 month is available for testing purposes.

Signage Player

The player allows the Android smartphone to become a signage player. It is necessary to sign up to the software program through the official website. The DS app allows the presentation of various media types ranging from RSS to HD video. HTML 5 is supported and we need to realize that we are talking about a free app, which is obviously something that is recommended in various cases.

If you believe that none of these DS Android apps are suitable for the purposes you have in mind, head over to the Google Play Store. You will quickly realize that there is a large diversity present and you can find an app that is really good, for sure.

Remember that you have to choose something that is suitable. The apps will help you to stream media easily and this is important for various businesses. Control levels do vary a lot from one Android app to the next so you need to choose something that gives you access to exactly what you want to do in the near future. As with all apps that you use from the first time, a learning curve appears so you have to conduct a great research to choose something that is great.