Top Tricks to Cross the Levels in Style in Candy Crush Saga

Among the mobile puzzler games, the Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded and widely played all across the world. Its fans range from the young kids, teenagers to adults alike. The puzzle scenarios of this game test the patience, puzzle solving skills and vision for picking up the right winning combo series.

The following candy crush cheats and tricks would make your Candy Crush Saga playing experience a lot smoother and better.

Wisely Quit to keep your Wallet Full

Candy Crush Saga is a free game, which can be downloaded from the Goole Play Store.  The game would require the users to pay a small amount to upgrade the various power up’s and add on’s. The power candies are the most bought item on the game shop as it adds +5 moves, which are great at passing some of the hardest levels. Apart from that, a gamer can wisely buy the Lollipop Hammer in order to pass over some of the hardest level in the game.

Create special candies

During the play the special candies keeps appearing out of the blue to assists the gamer in overcoming the puzzle scenario’s but in reality they are not random rather than they appear whenever a particular set of patterns coincides which results in creating special candies. In other words, special candies are triggered by the certain pattern of moves. The gamer has to simply watch such patterns that make special candies and repeat the sequence to make it again.

Eliminate the Blockers strategically

As a gamer successfully passes through the levels, he comes across a variety of different obstacles known as ‘Blockers’ among the fans.  Blockers can be anything, which prevents the gamer from reaching its goal. The levels are dependent more on luck than the skills. But it can be improved by employing certain strategic plans like

  • Rather than going on to remove the blocker decides for a better move to go through the level without eliminating it.
  • Creates special candy combinations aggressively.
  • Pause to scan the board before making moves.
  • Use the fish at the last moment

Fish candies works on zoning in on any remaining jellies on the game board. It should be used at the last moment in order to get those jellies, which are tough to eliminate. It would also help in eliminating the jellies, which are under frosting blocks. It is just great at quickly covering up levels and moving on with ease.

Avoid the Chocolate

In the Candy Crush Saga the chocolate are huge pain. Whenever a piece of chocolate is destroyed through creating any move next to it results in a situation where no more chocolate would grow on that round. If it is not removed by the gamer then other piece of chocolate would appear at any random place which would link it to a chocolate block. Special candies should be used to successfully eliminate the chocolate pieces in a more efficient and quick manner.