As with almost all hobbies these days, golf has a range of gadgets and apps that improve the experience and also helps players improve their skills.

If you love going out for a round or two then the following pieces of modern technology could help to make the experience even more enjoyable from now on.

A Ball Finder

Losing your ball in the thick rough can be an incredibly annoying experience. Thankfully, there are now smart new gadgets that will make finding your stay golf balls easier and a lot more fun too.

These cool devices just need a tiny amount of the ball to be visible for them to find it, which means that you are out of luck if it lands in the water.  Once you activate the device flashing lights will lead you to the ball.

There are also mobile app versions, as well as standalone devices.

A Laser Putting Trainer

Is putting the part of your game that always tends to let you down? If it is then an exciting laser putting trainer could be just what you need.

This gadget gets mounted on the putter and then uses laser beams to show you the best line for the shot. It could be exactly what you have been looking for in order to sink those tricky putts with more regularity and a lot more confidence.

A Range Finder

The days of trying to guess how far it is to the green or of asking someone to look up the distance are now long gone. Amazing new range finding gadgets help you to accurately see exactly how far you still have to go.

This is something that obviously gives you a huge practical benefit, as you can pick the right club every time. However, it is also a fun gadget to use and the latest golf rangefinder reviews will help you see which ones are likely to be best for you.

A Light Up Golf Ball

Playing golf in the dark just got a whole lot easier thanks to this LED golf ball. It is a pretty standard ball in most aspects but it flashes so that you can see it fly through the sky and then find it wherever it lands.

This is one of the coolest golf gadgets around and something that could make your rounds even more interesting from now on.

The SwingSmart App

If we look at the best golfing apps now, there are some terrific options for letting you get more out of your hobby when you take your favorite mobile device away with you. For instance, the popular SwingSmart app gives you lots of advice on fixing your swing errors.

You use it along with a club sensor, which allows you to see comprehensive data about your swing on to your phone or tablet. It is quite expensive but it could get you swinging more freely than ever before.

Swing by Swing Golf GPS Rangefinder<,/h4>

We looked at range finding devices earlier and this app gives you an alternative way of getting round a course. It has details of thousands of golf courses across the planet, so you can work out how far you have to go and what hazards to avoid.

The basic app is free and you have the choice of upgrading in order to get some extra features on it.

By making the most of modern technology you can add an extra touch of excitement to the game and maybe even improve your performance at the same time.