Apple and Samsung are up again in the news. This time it is not a new patent lawsuit, it is all about an apology that Apple owes Samsung. Apple has won a few cases over Samsung in the United States and elsewhere, but it was different in the UK. Apple lost the case against Samsung regarding Patent infringement and was ruled to notify on its website that Samsung did not copy iPad designs.


After losing to Samsung Apple was ordered to notify on its website the court judgment but Apple posted a notice that mocked the judgment acknowledging its defeat in the case.  It was notified on the site that U.K court has ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab did not infringe on the Apple’s tablet design and also an explanation was written that this happened because Samsung’s devices were “not as cool”. The end of notice also explained that the remaining courts recognized that Samsung has deliberately copied Apple’s tablet designs in the process of creating its own Galaxy Tab.

This notice on Apple’s website referred mostly to the court rulings than an apology to Samsung. It seemed like Apple mocked the judicial system of UK. This seems to be what has annoyed the judges. Judge Robin who was one of the three judges of the UK court of appeal said “I am at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this, that is a plain breach of order.”

According to a newspaper, The UK court has admonished Apple for failing in posting a straight statement following the judgment. The court has now ordered Apple to correct its notice on the website omitting parts about iPad’s “coolness” and judgments from other parts of the world that was in Apple’s favor. Judges have also ordered Apple to post a new link at the end of the homepage with at least a font of 11.

But when Apple was given a time period of 48 hours to make amends, the company’s lawyers replied that they would at least need a fortnight to do so. But in vain, the request was rejected.