XNSPY : Parental Mobile Monitoring Gets an Upgrade

Parental controls sure are evolving. I’ve reviewed quite a few products especially made for parents providing mobile monitoring for the kids. Today, I’m going to be looking at XNSPY. Going through it, I was quite surprised at how much it could do. I would’ve thought that a parental control app for a smartphone would, at the most, have call diversion or blocking features. So the multiplicity of the software came as a surprise to me.

Here’s what XNSPY can do:

Works Silently and Invisibly

I liked this feature a lot, because once you install a cell phone monitoring app on your kid’s phone, what have you that they won’t delete it? XNSPY works silently and invisibly in the background so they won’t know it’s there. The only problem is, you are going to have to physically install it into their phone the first time, so that is the tricky bit, and XNSPY doesn’t really have a lot of guidance in that regard.

Tracks Your Children

Once you’ve managed to put the software on their phones, it keep track of them through GPS. You can know where they are in real time, and track their routes and such. It also has a geo-fencing feature so you can mark on the map the places you don’t want your kid to go. I am a little concerned that a constant use of the GPS would drain the battery life. However, this feature is sophisticated and has no time lags.

Track Your Children’s Content

It is almost like you controlling their phone through your own device. You can go through their pictures and music and videos and see what they are keeping in their phones. You can delete things you find inappropriate like sexts or nude photos. You can also see what websites they visit and what they do online. And more importantly, you can see their contact list, and go through their call logs.

Read Your Children’s Messages

This includes instant messages, so this means XNSPY also works on things like WhatsApp and Viber. And of course, you can read their text messages, know the time at which they were sent/received and who they were sent to, or who sent them.


XNSPY works for all Android and iOS versions. I tried the Android version and it seemed to work smoothly. There were no lags and the interface was pretty easy to use as well.

There are however some drawbacks I found.

Not Available for Blackberry

I feel like this will alienate some people who still have not given up their Blackberry. Yes, it is catering to the OS with the most users, but we’ve got to keep in mind that the people that would want a mobile monitoring app are probably working parents. So this is a market they need to work on.

Little User Feedback

XNSPY is a fairly new product. When I download an app, I like to read through user comments just to gauge how well it would work on my phone. So I wasn’t able to find much feedback. Still, having used it myself for this review, I found no gaping problems.

I would say as far as parenting apps go, XNSPY is a very sophisticated in function and has features that most parents would look for in mobile monitoring. As long as they keep updating to different OS, they can take off in this market.