Instagram is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for digital marketers to reach their customers. Since Instagram is partnered with Facebook, marketers can use the same targeting options to engage with them. They can also run similar campaigns.

Running a “like” campaign may be one of your best options. Here are some reasons these campaigns tend to work so well:

  • Traffic costs tend to be cheaper. Facebook and Instagram charge advertisers less if they use engaging content. Since users are far more engaged with Instagram content than commercial landing pages, marketers can purchase cheaper traffic for their ads.
  • Generating likes can be a great way to generate visibility. If your content gets more likes from your campaign, it will rank better on Instagram and Facebook. You may earn more organic followers and sales over the long-term.

Most marketers are not going to use Instagram ads for the purpose of getting likes. They will focus on driving visitors directly to their commercial landing pages and hope they convert. This means that you will have an advantage because you will be creating a better sales funnel.

Here are some ideas that you will want to take into consideration.

Target your customers very carefully

You can use a number of targeting options on Instagram to reach your customers. You can target them by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Facebook groups
  • Interests
  • Income

This is a small sample of the targeting options you can use. The problem is that many advertisers don’t understand the demographics of their target customer base. Your customers won’t be very engaged with your ads if you don’t target them properly.

Take some time to really understand your demographics. You can get a lot of information from surveys and your existing sales data.

Use very high-quality images

Most digital marketer’s focus too much on writing excellent ad copy. The problem is that ad copy doesn’t inspire customers very much on Instagram or Facebook. Customers pay for more attention to images.

You need to choose your images very carefully. Ideally, you will want to use images from your own Instagram profile, because they will be more organic. Make sure they are the highest possible quality. They need to really grab people’s attention.

Begin by split testing by image click through rate

Testing is crucial for being successful as a digital marketer. You will need to test many different types of variables to get results.

The trick is knowing where to start. You want to begin by testing the variables that will have the biggest impact on your campaign. You also want to leave all other elements the same. The goal is to control your experiments very carefully, see you know what factors are performing the best. This will make it easier to get automatic Instagram likes.

The best place to start is testing images for your ads. Which ads have the best click through rate? Some images will have click through rates that are three or four times higher than others.

Test likes on different Instagram posts

After you have discovered the images that perform the best, you will want to begin split-testing different Instagram posts. It is amazing how customers prefer some Instagram content over others. The goal is come up with content that will really enjoy. This will make them more inspired to come back to your profile for more.