In the world of Instagram, having considerable numbers of followers is without a doubt an important role in achieving success for many people. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you find apps and tools that can help you compete with others. More and more people are now using Rapidbot in order to automate their Instagram accounts, gain more and more followers and obtain great results.

If you are not familiar or currently not using an Instagram bot to promote your Instagram account and page, then here are 4 reasons why you should use an Instagram bot that might change your mind:

  1. Highest Exposure

Automating your Instagram interactions will give you better chances and opportunities to gain more organic eyeballs.

Each person don’t have all the time being active on their Instagram account. And having an engagement and drawing attention is the very first step in order to gain more followers in Instagram. The most natural way to have exposure is to engage with others through commenting, following and liking. In short, without adequate exposure, it will be hard to compete in Instagram’s crowded atmosphere.

By using an Instagram bot, you have utmost exposure possible. It’s like sending invitation letters to different people and encourages them to go and visit our account.

  1. Instant Results

You will gain more comments and like as well as more followers if you start automating your account.

Once you draw other people’s attention by following or liking them, many of them will go and check your Instagram page quickly and return the favor of following or liking you back. Such quick result is great benefit since you will not have to wait in order to see results. Every day, you will have a new group of followers and your Instagram’s success has now begun. What you need to do now is to create substantial and interesting content to further improve your page’s growth.


  1. Followers that are Engaged and Real

If you think that Instagram bots provide instant results by buying followers in Instagram, then you are wrong. There is a great difference between gaining followers through Instagram bot and followers that are bought.

Buying followers are just buying numbers. All these followers are not real and are fake accounts bulkily created in order to be sold. Automation of engagement through Instagram bot, however, is gaining active and real people who were all invited to go and visit your Instagram page. These people found your page interesting enough that causes them to like or follow you back. This means that they are genuine and relevant people who will be engaged with your future posts.

  1. Time-saving

Through the automation of your account in Instagram, you gain popularity and followers without taking your time.

Now, you can use your precious time to do more task and be productive instead of blankly gawking at your phone, waiting for a response and leaving comments and likes for other people. You can now put more attention on your future Instagram content and create photos of higher quality that will further amaze your followers and turn them to customers.