Social media marketing is the latest trend today and it requires posting pictures on social media platforms. Here comes the role of photo editing apps which provide an opportunity to business owners to turn their normal looking picture into a worthy one. In today’s hi-tech society. Daily new phones are launched which are equipped with high-end cameras to make your work easier.a good app along with your camera can be very useful for your business.

A lot of these apps are free or charge minimal amount that can change your editing experience and thus a visual representation of your work. Some apps allow you to directly upload edited work to social media itself, while in some you have to downloadan edited picture and then upload it.

  1. Retouch MeRetouch Me App can turn your normal pictures into a portfolio in just a few clicks. This editor app allows you to edit your selfies and pictures according to your wish. It can resize, reshape, lengthen, and slim any part of your body in your photo. It can slim down your face, waist, high cheekbones, pouting lips, white teeth and any other beauty feature you want to add to your picture can be done. Photo editing is done in such a way that picture doesn’t look edited at all. It will enhance your perfect clicked picture toa more professional level. It is available in IOS for free.
  2. VSCO –visual supply company. It provides a platform also to share your photos on VSCO itself. It provides a large variety of filters and editing elements like exposure, contrast, fades temperature and slider for intensity. As it is a platform, you can follow different users on it and plan your work accordingly. Available on IOS and Android, you can work from anywhere. It is a free app.
  3. TouchRetouch – it has a unique feature to remove unwanted item form your picture. It includes removing a shadow, bunch of people, buildings, wires any spot and allows you to have a perfect shot. It has tutorial feature also to help you understand its functioning. It comes with a little cost and is available in IOS and Andriod.
  4. Snapseed – it is a Google product and has a wide range of tools for photo editing. More than 25 tools like the brush, HDR, healing provide you precise editing. The professional filters can be applied to your photos for a better look. It also has an auto-correct feature which will adjust color, contrast, and exposure on its own making a picture look good. You can crop, rotate or tune your picture as well. It is a free tool available for IOS and Android.
  5. FilterstormNeue – it is a good app for business owners as it comes with editing features for brightness, contrast, exposure, text etc. it has unique 10 step undo feature which allows you to rectify any mistake. Available on IOS for some amount.
  6. Mextures – it is for business owners who look for heavily edited photos. It has more than 150 textures and other editing tools. It is available on iTunes and requires some in-app purchases
  7. Adobe Photoshop Express– It is a mobile version of Photoshop which is an Adobe it can be used to add text to your image thus you can make memes, announcements and provide any information too on your picture. It has other editing features too. It is available for free on android and IOS.