Android App Updates: How to Find Them and Get Them Fast

If you own an Android device, you’ll probably have a lot of apps on it. Depending on your phone or tablet’s storage capacity, you could have dozens of apps that you use regularly.

Once you have downloaded an app, you will soon realize that you need to update it, and some apps are updated more regularly than others.

But what do you have to know about this process? Here’s a guide to fill you in with the details.

Why Are Apps Updated?

All apps are updated on Android devices. However, while some are updated on a weekly basis, some are only updated monthly or even less frequently. You’ll soon realize this after downloading apps to your Android phone or tablet.

But why are they updated at all?

There are a few main reasons why apps need to be updated regularly. These include the need to fix bugs that prevent the apps from being used properly, adding security updates to keep your device secure, and also adding new features so you can get more from your apps.

For example, you may download an Android weather app that provides regular updates packed with new features and performance improvements so you can keep getting even more out of it.

App Updates Are Also a Marketing Strategy

Developers update their apps frequently to provide users with a better and more secure experience. However, app updates are also a good marketing tool for developers.

People have many apps on their devices, and regular updates can help to keep the apps top-of-mind even for people who are not using them often. The app shows up in the updates list, and users may be reminded about the app and start using it again.

Automatic Updates Save Time

One of the options available to you is to update your apps automatically. This will save you time and it can be a lot more convenient because the apps update without you having to do anything.

To enable, this, go to the Play Store app and open the settings. From there, switch on the auto-updates feature, and you can also choose to only update the apps over Wi-Fi.

However, some apps will require permissions, and you will have to approve these first.

Choose Manual Updates for More Control

You don’t have to update apps automatically. Instead, you can ensure that you update them all manually. While some may consider this inconvenient, it does give you more control, and you may want to read more about the latest updates before installing them.

Google Is Making App Updates Faster

One thing to be aware of is that Google is introducing a new way to update apps. This is called file-by-file patching, and Google announced it in its Android blog. This will mean you only have to update the parts of apps that need updating rather than replacing the entire apps. This will save space and data, and it will speed up the process making it more convenient for everyone.

Keep Your Apps Updated

Android makes updating your apps easy. Just remember that this is an important activity and that updating apps makes your device more secure, and you will also get access to all the latest features of your favorite apps. So keep an eye out for updates, and get a better user experience from your phone or tablet.

Alex Hill works as an app developer and shares his passion for tech, and his professional, knowledge online through his articles.