It seemed like just yesterday that Microsoft has released Windows 8 Software and now it is giving final touches to the new Windows software “Windows Blue”. This is rumored to be released in mid 2013 and is loaded with surprises.

windows blue

Rumor is that it will look similar to the Windows 8 except for some little user interface tweaks and it might probably have the same name but different behind. It might address the Windows 8 controversial features.

The Microsoft’s idea might be to make everybody use their software on their computers, probably Windows Blue may be released for free of cost to make sure that users upgrade to it.  From then on Microsoft might regularly offer yearly updates which will be used on desktops and mobiles. This either low cost or free of cost OS will make users to shift to the new Operating System.

Reportedly Microsoft also seems to plan the release of a new Windows 8SDK along with updates and might stop Windows 8SDK written apps. Windows 8 apps will still run on Windows Blue. This change could be to make apps universal and possible to run on PCs, tablets and phones. If the rumors are any true then Windows Blue would not be available as a standalone OS, so users have to have an old version of Windows to upgrade to Windows Blue.

The rumor first began in august this year when Mary JoFoley of ZD net mentioned something about Windows Blue and said it would be releases in mid 2013. The rumor caught fire from then on. Sources said that Blue is just a codename for the yearly updates and Microsoft will stick to its official name Windows 8. The idea of yearly updates and cheaper prices might turn out well for Windows but it sounds too farfetched. Though the upgrade will be free at first, users will be charged for update subscription. Also the policies of Windows SDK sounds like the user convenience comes along with heavy restriction for Windows developers.

Windows Blue might be the first product to produce a yearly update for Microsoft and this could be a strategy of the tech giant to challenge other tech giants like Apple and Samsung.