For a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of their beloved children. And in today’s world of vulnerability like where iphone hack texts can be done, anything can be expected. The danger comes without knocking; the best course of action to stay sure of your children’s safety is to always beware of their actions. But that too with all the responsibilities of parenthood is not practical. Nonetheless, there’s no excuse when it comes to the safety of your children. And this is where Famisafe steps in and protects from jeopardizing your family’s safety to give you peace of mind. 

What is Famisafe?

As the name suggests, Famisafe is just not an application. It’s complete peace of mind. With its state of the art safety features, Famisafe makes sure that your children are safe and sound. Not only that, Famisafe allows you to monitor your children’s location in real-time so you’re always updated. That’s not all, the charm of Famisafe goes well beyond just knowing where your children are. 

But before we get into the tech stuff, let’s understand

How Famisafe works

For starters, Famisafe is available on both android and iOS. Getting started is fairly easy. The first step is to install the application on your device as well as your kids’ device. Then make a Famisafe account and log in as a parent on your device and as a kid on your children’s device. Once the account is active on both devices, you can control a variety of Famisafe’s features.

Why Famisafe is a must for parents!

Famisafe allows you a variety of safety features that prevent cyber-bullying, device abuse and explicit use of the internet. So there’s absolutely no reason why Famisafe is not a must for concerned parents.

Some of the best Famisafe features are following;

  • Screen time reporting 

Staring at the device screen for too long can cause eye strain and mental fatigue. Parents are updated with daily screen time reports so that they’re aware of exactly how much time their kid is spending on the device. Moreover, parents can control and set the average screen time to their wish so that the kids can focus on other important activities.

  • Managing internet content and apps

With Famisafe, parents have full knowledge of what applications and internet content their kids are engaging. Moreover, parents can choose to block explicit applications and content to ensure their kids’ safety.

  • Detecting explicit messages

Probably the best feature of Famisafe is detecting suspicious and explicit messages. Cyber-bullying is a serious threat and children exposed to such kind of bullying at a young age can have a devastating effect on their growth and social behavior. Famisafe notifies you instantly when an explicit text is received so that you can take appropriate action 

Famisafe pricing 

With all the top safety features that Famisafe offers, it is relatively cheap. Moreover, Famisafe allows parents to choose from three affordable payment plans including; 1 month for &9.99, 3 months for $6.66 and 12 months for $4.99.

Comparing that with the payment plans of other similar applications, Famisafe is absolutely a bang for a buck.

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Happy parenting!