Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach modern consumers. There’s a lot of competition out there, but even small business owners can make a good impression on potential customers with a well-designed website. Read on to find out about five changes to make that will drive more traffic to the site and convert more casual browsers to loyal customers.

Start a Blog

Every company website should have a blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase traffic and generate leads. Compelling content doesn’t just attract new visitors, but also keeps them coming back for more.

For best results, stick to topics relevant to the industry. Content can include how-to articles, frequently asked questions about relevant subjects, or even interviews with industry experts, so don’t be afraid to branch out and get creative. Adding a well-designed blog to a WordPress website is easy, so start one as soon as possible.

Optimize Everything

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialized form of digital marketing that focuses on making websites look more appealing not only to browsers, but to search engines as well. On-site SEO typically involves adding new pages with unique content, adding concise meta descriptions, creating a sitemap, and incorporating things like contact forms or links to social media.

Stay On Brand

Consistent branding is essential for businesses of all sizes and it should extend to the website. This means including the company logo on each page, using colors in line with the brand’s easily recognizable color scheme, and making sure the website conveys the company’s mission and values. Customers who have positive experiences with the company and its products or services will recognize its branding and be more likely to respond positively to it in the future, which can help to build and expand a loyal customer base.

Improve the Graphics

All the images used on the website should be high-quality, both in terms of appearance and resolution. Low-resolution images will lose the business points with major search engine algorithms, which will make it more difficult for potential customers or clients to find the website. It’s important to strike a balance, though, because high-resolution images can also increase load times, which also negatively impacts search engine performance.

Poorly designed graphics will also lose customers by creating a less-than-professional appearance and making a poor first impression. Resolution and image quality are important not just when it comes to photographs but also digital images like logos and infographics.

Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are an important part of the online sales funnel. Visitors arrive at these pages from off-site, then find all the details they need to do things like trial products, download free guides, or redeem discount codes. They’re very targeted, which means web designers can use them to attract specific audiences.

Like all pages on the site, landing pages should be carefully optimized for search engine performance. That means including the right keywords and meta descriptions, optimizing page performance, and ensuring that there are plenty of backlinks to the page from off-site.

The Bottom Line

There’s no magic bullet for increasing traffic to websites, but these five tweaks can certainly help. Business owners who don’t have personal experience in the fields of digital marketing and SEO should consider hiring a professional who can perform these and other specialized tasks. It’s worth the money.