Samsung galaxy s3 mini

Samsung is rumored to have set to release its latest Galaxy line of phones SIII mini at an event in Germany. However, it is a smaller and cheaper version of the Android Smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIII. Although it is termed as ‘Mini’ it sports a 4” screen. It is a smaller version of the Galaxy S III. It is expected that it will be in neck to neck competition with the iPhone 5, but Samsung itself has declared that it is an entry level handset but has all the essential factors of a Smartphone. So, looks like Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is surely a Smartphone but not smart enough to be a rival to iPhone 5.


The Samsung Galaxy S 3 mini is rumored to sport a 4.8 inch screen display, dual core processor of 1 GHz, a 5MP camera at the rear and resolution of 800 x 480 p, 1GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, NFC, Micro SD card and 1500 mAh battery.  Samsung Galaxy S III mini is rumored to have some common features like S voice, Direct call, S beam and Photo sharing The SIII could face some tough competition, no not from iPhone or Android models but from midrange & low range Android phone.

This mobile has a few features that could really make it noticeable in the crowd of Smartphones and will probably fair well in the market. In spite of patent disputes and its defeat in the court against Apple its latest handsets fared well in the market. It has shipped more handsets and Smartphones than any of its rivals.

So, we have to wait until Christmas to see how the Mini fairs. Fingers crossed!!! .

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