There are certain apps and files every Android user has, regardless of their background. Nearly everyone has a game or two, a few books and a bunch of apps. This will discuss what nearly every Android user has on his or her device. You might get a few ideas on how to expand your app library to make your mobile experience better than ever.


Whether you’re a gamer or just need something to pass the time, games are incredibly common on Android devices. From Pokémon Go to Final Fantasy, there are a massive number of games available through the Google Play Store. The selection of games has largely increased and improved throughout the years.

Many developers have solely dedicated themselves to mastering this genre, while other larger developers, like Sega and Nintendo, are starting to release some of their retro classics through the Android marketplace. Regardless of your tastes, you can find a game that you’ll love.

Books and News

Whether you’re reading through your browser or you love books, Android has plenty of apps to satisfy your needs. Perhaps the most common are Google Play Books and Kindle, but there are many other offerings. There’s Calibre Companion, which makes it simple to upload ebooks from your computer to your device, and ComiXology, which is a huge marketplace for comics. If you want to read the news, then you’ll want to check out Flipboard for its ease of navigation.


You’re probably using Google Chrome, and it’s a great browser, but there are other options. Dolphin is a tabbed browser akin to desktop programs. It has integration with Evernote to improve your productivity. There’s also Firefox, which has been very popular throughout the years, and Opera. You can also find many exotic browsers that satisfy specific requirements.


If you’re ready to get more done with your limited time, then Android has plenty of apps to make you more productive than ever. Evernote is probably the most popular. This apps lets you take notes, sync information between devices, share thoughts with coworkers and so much more. Another big app is Unclouded, which organizes all of your cloud profiles so that you can easily locate and open documents stored in the cloud.

Wunderlist is considered a giant amongst to-do list apps. It’s easy to navigate, make lists and check on your progress throughout the day.

Fitness and Health

Many people say that smartphones are making people lazy, but that’s hard to say when there’s so many fitness apps available. The Fitbit app is a must for Fitbit users, but the app is good even if you don’t have the device. It tracks goals, steps and other metrics to improve your health.

Another great offering is My Asics Running Coach. This allows you to pick a plan to improve your running distance. The plan will adapt to your actual performance. You can also check out MyFitnessPal to get an accurate count on your calorie consumption.

Food and Recipes

If you’re always on the hunt for new recipes, then these apps are a necessity. Pepperplate and CookPad Recipes give you access to thousands of recipes with a streamlined interface. All Recipes does the same thing, but it has the added functionality of letting you search by ingredients. You can easily find a meal that matches the items in your pantry.


Even though every Android user will choose different apps, most people have the same needs and will download many of the apps discussed here to help with their daily lives. From work to play to cooking and health, you can find an app that will help with every aspect of your life.