Get Instant money through Instant Reward App

With almost everyone having phones now, marketing through social media or e-marketing has become very popular. IPhone has recently launched its new app with which you can earn money by following simple and easy steps. Instant reward app helps you earn rewards by taking surveys, liking the links on Facebook etc. companies want the people to see advertisements and give feedbacks in order to improve their services. For this, they pay you extra.

The app has been launched and is available on play store. This app is gaining popularity as it provides you instant rewards and cash prizes just by visiting new websites, liking stuffs on social networking sites or by completing surveys. Users can earn as much as 10$ per day, depending on how much time they give to the app. Around 50% of the adults are today using mobile apps that are helping them in their professional as well as personal lives. Apps are now emerging as an important part of everyone’s lives and a mobile phone without such apps is useless. This Instant reward app not only allows you to earn money instantly but also enables you to expand your social circle. While you use the app, you can refer it to your friends and family and when they join by signing up, you get money in return. So basically the app earns you in any case.

Getting started is very easy. Just ho to the app store and download the app. Register yourself on the app, verify your number. Now complete surveys or watch videos and instantly earn credits. You can redeem your earned credits by converting it into cash or gift vouchers.


Where do you get your money from?

The advertisers all round the year pay a lot for their websites to get a place in market. But they don’t get as many followers as they want. Now the time has changed. Instead of paying money to the publishing websites or to the advertising agency, they now pay the money directly to you. You popularize their websites on social media and they pay you money for it. The more videos you watch or the more surveys you complete, the more rewards you earn from this app. This is where your hard earned money comes from.

Companies are constantly in search of people who can give authentic feedbacks about their products. This new app helps you do the same along with earning money. It is a good deal for people who have spare time and can lend it to this app.


How do you get paid for it?

The reward app users are paid through PayPal or through Amazon vouchers. One great thing about the app is that it never asks you to fill in your personal information like your bank account details or your age. So it is 100% trustworthy. You get your money without any tension of your account details being misused or any such thing.

Thus, the Instant reward app is one of those apps that will give you money for just watching an ad and giving feedbacks to it.