Graphic Traffic

Graphic Traffic is a graphic design company operating in Wollongong and Illawarra areas. It offers many services all related to graphic design. Their services are at the top of their classes. Their work ethic is also very professional when it comes to offering printing services in Wollongong and other services of a similar kind. When they say they will deliver a given service, they will do exactly that as per the conditions agreed with the client. Their prices are also very competitive and are among the rewind the firm has been in business for over three decades.

Graphic Design

The work done by Graphic Traffic is terms of graphic design is the best you can find in the whole of Wollongong. It is done in a professional manner with the customer always being placed first. Besides that, the design approach employed by Graphic Traffic is like no other. They bring out the best in flyers, books, business cards, brochures and many more items. Besides the needs of the customers, the professionals at this firm add a great touch to items that have not been replicated by other firms since its founding. Customers can expect nothing but the very best from this firm.


When customers look for the best printing services Wollongong, they always end up working with Graphic Traffic. This company has set a record for providing the best services in whatever printing they undertake from full-color items to whatever needs the customer needs. They work with banners, newspapers, business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, family history books, school yearbooks and many other items. The needs of the customer are respected to the letter and can be easily made into a beautiful item in no time. Since its founding, the firm and not received any significant complaining from its customers.


The whole of Illawarra and Wollongong knows that the best memorial and funeral stationery comes from Graphic Traffic and nowhere else. When one needs pet memorials, photo frames, photo prints, DVD slideshows, remembrance bookmarks, funeral memorial cards, funeral thank you cards, religious holy cards, mass booklets, the order of service items and many other similar items, the one place to go to is always Graphic Traffic. The quality of their items and their pricing model are the best on the market. They will also deliver the items as a fast as possible to avoid the delays witnessed by other firms.

Photo Restoration

Graphic Traffic is known for its capability to breath life into pictures that have come under the weather. The firm has the best facilities to repair pictures, enhance them, crop the images in the pictures, manipulate the pictures, and retouch them to make them look like they are new. Photo scanning is also done if one needs their picture in soft copy. The results of the photo restoration done by Graphic Traffic are nothing less than impressive. The firm has put to use a lot of the capabilities afforded by the technology of today to make the most of its customers’ needs.

DVD Slideshows/Presentations

Whenever a special occasion comes up, Graphic Traffic has made sure that its customers make the best presentations on the planet. In public events where one needs to make a presentation of pictures and videos, Graphic Traffic will make sure the quality of the presentation is the very best. It may be a birthday party, a wedding, a memorial, a graduation ceremony or other such event where one needs to display a few items detailing their lives. This firm has never failed to make the best of the situation.


Everything about Graphic Traffic from the pricing, the printing, the DVD slideshows, the photo restoration, stationery to the graphic design is the best one can find in Wollongong and the surrounding areas. Since its founding in 1981, the firm has believed in the quality of the services it offers to its customers. Although it began as a firm focused just on graphic design, the foray into other areas has been very successful as evidenced by the stories from its customers and other people who have used or come across its services and products. It gets a big thumbs up for all that.