The world’s first phone was invented by Graham Bell in 1875. It had very limited features.  Bell laboratories introduce cell phone technology to the world for the first time in 1947 and then Motorola followed the application this application to portable devices. Be it the cell phone or home phone they have changed the World. They have eased communication. However, these days cell phones are increasing in number and are becoming alternative to home phones. Cell phones have clear advantage over the home phones or the land phones, but land phones offer their share of features and mental peace to people which the cell phones do not. Here are some aspects in which both phones differ.

landline and mobile


Land phones are limited in features when compared to mobiles. Landlines offer multiple connections that are reliable but they are only good for businesses. On the other hand cell phones are good for business and social life. They offer many features like emailing, texting, video calls, weather reports, stock market news and many more.

Communication Ease

Cell phones and home phones differ in providing communication ease. Cell phones are small portable devices that you can carry anywhere and talk on the phone wherever there is signal coverage. On the other hand land phones are fixed to one particular location to make calls. There is also difference between the two in terms of charges for long distance calls. Most of the mobile carriers offer long distance calls free of charge whereas landlines service providers usually charge for them. But one advantage with landline is that they pose no risk of call disconnection due to bad network coverage unlike cell phones.


A phone’s basic function is voice calls and it is a form of entertainment when you talk with someone you enjoy talking to. But a cell phone is device that provides more entertainment than just talking. It has feature that are loaded for playing music, videos, e-books, internet browsing etc. Cell phones are a clear form of entertainment when compared to land phones.


Both land phones and cell phones needs to be subscribe monthly and the cost depends on the features used and the carrier. Discounted rates are available for both the types of phones. But these days when the family decides to cut on the expenses especially on phone bills, they opting to cut the costs on home phones.


Mental peace

The most important aspect of a phone is the ability to call people and when in emergency to dial 911. But when the case is about reliability of a phone, land phone wins over mobile phone. This is for many reasons. A cell phone may run out of battery or signal and disrupt in bad weather conditions. But a land phone stands on the contrary need not be charged or need a signal. Additionally a land phone has a fixed address unlike the mobile phone so it is easy for emergency responders to locate a 911 call if it is a landline.

Health issues

There are health issues concerning the use of a cell phone. They could have health effects like ear and brain tumors. Cell phones send data through electromagnetic waves which cause electromagnetic radiation. These radiations can cause tumors in the brain and elsewhere. However land phones do not possess any such risk.

This are the aspects in which the two phones differ, some support use of land phones while the others support mobile phones.