VoIP or voice over the internet protocol is a telecom technology that is created to send phone calls as digital messages over private or public network by using internet protocol.. IP is the Internet protocols which are the rules that determine how the messages are to be managed in communication of digital data especially the internet.  Since the year 2000, VoIP is mostly used telephone service. Luke from www.caelum-comms.co.uk said: ‘VOIP is a great way to consolidate phone numbers and make managing your calls easier, lowering business costs at the same time.’

VoIP takes advantage of the different types of transport media and makes internet telephone service easy. Here are some of the advantages of using VoIP.


Low fee

Voice over internet protocol phone calls when compared to the traditional service calls costs less. There are a few free services over VoIP whereas others are very low cost monthly fees.  VoIP offers low costs, management savings and other features that are not available on regular telephone services. Because of this many people are eliminating the use of traditional phones and choosing to make calls through VoIP

Long distance calls are cheap

Regular phones charge expensively for long distance calls. It costs a lot of money for those who make lots of international calls almost like every day. With VoIP these calls are inexpensive and affordable. Some of the VoIP providers do not charge fee on per minute basis. Instead they charge a low rate or sometimes nothing at all.


  • Portable

What is best about VoIP is it is portable. Carry your VoIP phone or a VoIP adapter to any place you go and you can make calls at any place where there is an internet connection. If you need to stay at a hotel when you travel, you can use your VoIP phone or VoIP adapter instead of using the phone in your hotel room and save a lot of money on the hotel’s phone bill for long.

  • Features

VoIP provides many services to the users that traditional services might not offer like caller ID, call forwarding, waiting etc. Users can make conference calls share pictures with others from different countries and states.


These are the few advantages of VoIP. With benefits like low monthly fees, portability, great features, cheap call rates users are switching from traditional phones to VoIP. So, hurry up and switch to VoIP and save 50 % on your monthly phone bills.