The gambling field is one of the most competitive sectors in the world and is part of the beating heart of London, one of the oldest in regulated gambling in any direction. There are a huge number of companies that must stand out from the crowd in order to achieve the popularity that they are targeting. Various companies operate with slightly different marketing techniques to ensure that they can attract a target that some bookmakers may not be able to attract.

These marketing techniques can be used in a variety of different sectors, but for one reason or another, they work seamlessly in the gambling sector. But, which marketing strategies are used by gambling companies in order to ensure that they attract their desired target demographic?


One of the main ways in which casinos are able to attract players to their site is through decades of refined advertising and veterans in campaign analytics. Like many other sectors, this can be done in a number of different ways, including television adverts and sponsored posts on social media pages. Traditional and online adverts are aired at precisely the time that casino players would be watching the television or browsing the web which has been notoriously challenging to predict from a behavioural standpoint over years and years of pooled data.

Usually, poker and casino adverts will air on television late at night, while adverts for bingo sites will air during the daytime. Sports events are the best way to attract sports gamblers, with adverts often being seen during the breaks in television coverage. This ensures that the perfect demographic is reached, and therefore enables the industry to further grow their grasp on potential players.


Licensing and regulation has always been a controversial factor for UK businesses but with a history of strict standards, other countries have started to follow suit in attempts to mimic the successes of their British rivals.

This has given rise to gambling regulators such as GamStop, NetNanny, GamBlock and other organisations practically made for London bettors but it hasn’t stopped players being able to access non Gamstop sites to bet on poker, casino and sports across the UK, especially with non-UK brands.


There are a number of similarities between the demographics of sports gamblers and casino players. Bookmakers are perfectly able to cover both these basses through sponsorships. This means that bookmakers names are often seen on events and on the strips of football clubs. Most of the teams in the top two divisions in England have some kind of sponsorship deal with a bookmaker. Among those include Bournemouth being sponsored by Mansion Bet, Huddersfield Town being sponsored by Paddy Power and West Ham United being sponsored by Betway.

There are also some clubs that have allowed betting companies to buy the naming rights to their stadium, with Stoke City playing at the Bet365 Stadium. Horse racing is another sport that is full of sponsored events, with many of the biggest races of the year including a bookmaker’s name. Among the Grade 1 races with bookmakers included are the SkyBet Supreme Novices’ Hurdle, Unibet Champion Hurdle and the Paddy Power Stayers’ Hurdle. This marketing ploy is one of the most successful for companies, as they are able to be prominent in the sights of gamblers that will be within their demographic.

Welcome Offers & Promotions

There haven’t been many more successful marketing tools used by sportsbook than the ability to make gamblers’ money go further. The inclusion of welcome offers is something that is used across the board by every company. The biggest reason for that is down to its success rate. Companies that don’t offer a welcome offer are already at an immediate disadvantage. Gamblers will not be signing up for a company without a welcome offer as their money will go further should they be taking advantage of a welcome bonus. These offers are typically seen in advertising campaigns, with gamblers given all the information that they need to sign up.

That will include mentions of the relevant promo code, and what the gamblers will be getting in exchange for signing up. Some of the very best offers in the industry ensure that customers are given no other choice but to sign up with them. As well as the welcome offer, companies also share the ongoing promotions that they have. These ensure that customers aren’t likely to leave the sportsbook that they have signed up at.

The Future Of Marketing In The Gambling Industry

The sector is incredibly strong and especially with the looming commercialization of AI, there will always be new methods being used to entice customers. Paddy Power have adopted one of the most interesting marketing campaigns, as they typically publish videos on their social media channels.

These are typically funny sketches and have included some of the biggest names in British sport as their ambassador. The use of ambassadors will be something that gamblers will be seeing a lot more of in the future, as companies will believe that this will be the perfect way to resonate with the demographic they are attempting to attract to their site.