In the modern age if you want to build your own brand and you want people to recognize it in no time then you need to promote your brand through social media. Social media marketing is becoming vital for any successful business and sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming more popular among businesses day by day. Among these sites, Instagram has shown some great promise in becoming a successful social media marketing platform, and it can be used very well to promote your business. Instagram might have just started as an image sharing app but now it is much more than that. And it can be used very efficiently to build your own brand.

The number of users on Instagram is increasing every other day and with the presence of around 70% of the brands on Instagram, it shows that how good it has become for brand promotions. It does not matter if your business or brand is big or small, you can use Instagram to promote it. And if you use it in the right manner you will soon reach more audience than you anticipated. To optimize Instagram for building your own brand, you need to follow the guidelines below.

Set up an Instagram account for your business

If you want to use Instagram for building your brand, then make sure you are creating a separate Instagram account for your business and are not using your own personal Instagram for promotion.

You need to establish the account with the information of your brand and then you need to make your all posts related to it.

Also, make sure that what you are posting is not much related to yourself and is more relevant to your brand. No one wants to see pictures of you on a trip, but they do want to see what your business has to offer.

Add the link to your website in the bio of your Instagram handle.

When posting, make sure that you are consistent with your name and photos and you are making your identity.

Create posts that appeal your users

It is very important that if you are going to establish your brand through Instagram, you will need to make unique and attractive posts that will catch your audience’s attention. Do not force anything on your audience i.e. your product or service, tell less about how great they are and show more. Let the audience be their own judge.

When clicking or uploading a photo, make sure you are picking the best clicks and try to take professional pictures and on top of that add creativity in the photography as well.

You can also make creative captions that will attract your users. You can also take help from Instagram’s editing tool which offers you a variety of filters and size shaping. You can also offer discounts and special offers to your users. That type of content will surely attract them.

You can pick a theme for your picture as well by relating it to any upcoming festival.

Try to reach as much Instagram audience as you can

To establish your brand online on Instagram the most important thing you need is an audience. Without an audience, nothing you are doing on your Instagram account is going to matter. So to be more successful try to reach as much Instagram audience as you can.

You can capture more audience by including relevant and interesting hashtags to widen your discoverability.

You can use different phrases related to your brand for hashtags and you can be creative with it.

You can also buy followers and likes directly for your Instagram from sites like

Engage more with audience for better customer relationship

It is crucial to engage with the audience on a high level in order to build a brand on Instagram. When posting an image make sure that you are writing an active and inviting caption. Make precise captions, and that will engage more audience.

Also, you can organize Instagram contests to increase the engagement. These contests are fun and the followers enjoy it a lot. It will help you engage more audience and as well as you will keep gaining followers. Instagram contests are the best way to engage with the audience.

Also, make sure you reply to any question that is asked by your followers.