How shall I grow my Instagram followers?

This is one question that is there on everyone’s mind! Although followers aren’t everything but indeed they do signify the number people who are attracted to your business or brand, ad this is what matters the most. On the other hand, posting the best content in the world isn’t going to be enough to grow your Instagram followers.

So, if you are looking out for ideas to buy real instagram followers, you do not need to waste your time following the footsteps of other who have succeeded. In fact, you need to hack your own way to pump up some life into your instagram account.

In this article, six proven tips are put up, that will show you how to grow your Instagram followers:

Do not use any banned hashtags

Since quite some time, Instagram has been keenly blocking as well as censoring a vast list of hashtags. There is a huge, dynamic list of banned hashtags and what is even more interesting is that even the most innocent looking hashtags like #single life or #petite could be banned. The main reason behind this is because quite a few unacceptable as well as pornographic images have been seeped into the hashtag streams and the team behind Instagram has been working really hard to clear up the platform.

One of the easiest ways to detect a banned hashtag is to simply look out for it on Instagram and to check if it appears on the ‘Recent’ or ‘Top’ categories. If in case the hashtag has been temporarily blocked or suspended, Instagram will only show a few off the top posts and will get rid of all the recent posts.

Always ensure to use a location sticker for your posts in order to gain local exposure.

This new feature of Instagram, gives the user the opportunity to promptly browse and check out what’s going on in the selected location. This is very handy for gaining exposure and capturing the thoughts of the users who are looking out for inspiration. Today, users constantly browse through Instagram images of hotels, travel destinations and events as a part of their research phase. So, if you want your story to be seen by everyone who is searching for your area or location, ensure that you add location tags to your Instagram posts.

Make use hashtags that are lesss popular to get into the ‘Top’ section

At times, it can be very tempting to pep up the descriptions of your image with some popular hashtags such as #dog, #summer, #life and so on. These kind of common hashtags have millions of posts but as a matter of fact they won’t do much good for your account in the long run. What you really need is some community oriented, definite hashtags that will in turn help you to build up a brand. One can make use of a free tool known as INK361 to search less popular hashtags. So, if you have a small account do not target for hashtags bigger than a search volume of 50,000.

Play a bit with your bio

No pressures, but you only have 160 characters to charm away your potential new followers. This is in fact a very important element of your Instagram account. If you do well and manage to tell people who you are, what you do and what drives you in a  captivating way you will be able to pick up new followers everyday. So, don’t forget to play around with your bio and observe what clicks your viewers.

Pick your Instagram name (not username) wisely!

Unless you are famous do not use your name on Instagram but rather pick out a keyword or keywords that viewers would be looking out for. For example, if you love to travel and you keep visiting different places you could name your account as Travel Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Exciting giveaways!

A fabulous way to gain new followers, grows your mailing list, elevate brand awareness, amplify community engagement , connect with some local business and like minded people is to arrange some exciting giveaways. For this, one needs to make sure to decide on a goal and stick to it! The success of your promotional campaign depends upon your plan so better lay out a proper plan. In order for a contest to run smoothly, you have to consider certain things such as selecting a right theme and hashtags, monitoring the entries of the participants, deciding on some attractive prizes, promoting the contest and finally picking out the winner. Nevertheless, giving away free goodies has never let anyone down.