By now, we are all aware of the kind of power LinkedIn has, when it comes to driving our online presence. No more is LinkedIn an apparently less comprehensible digital entity that is “just there” in our social portfolio. Even 4 years back, if you had asked entrepreneurs how they were using their respective LinkedIn profiles, most of them would probably have told you that they didn’t understand the platform much but already had more than 500 connections.

Cut to 2016- we have LinkedIn governing hiring decisions of some of the biggest of corporates across the globe. As per latest reports, the largest professional network commands 106 million unique visitors per month! So, technically speaking – if you are not harnessing the power of this platform then you’re actually losing out at least a million of your potential customers. The key is to understand how exactly you can go on to optimize your business for LinkedIn (and consequently expand your digital outreach).

Pay attention to your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your biggest weapon. Make sure you have highlighted everything that needs to be included there. Your experience, all the designation highlights etc will definitely count. However, you need to ensure that you’re also highlighting anything interesting that your business or brand is doing consistently – something that others aren’t doing.

For instance, you can see that a site like DX news which not only brings to us amateur radio news from beautiful parts of the world but also goes on to offer its readers vivid background details of the place from where the piece of radio news is coming in. What you get is not only the important piece of activation news but also the breathtaking pictures of the place. Are you working for a brand which does equally interesting stuff? If yes, then don’t forget to mention that in your profile summary. The more detailed it is the better. Yes. Besides making it as detailed as possible don’t forget to update it on a regular basis as well.

LinkedIn Groups: Stoke attention of like-minded individuals

As an individual you’re the face of your brand. Everything you do reflects on the business you’re helming at present. For instance, if you’re heading a software business at present, you would definitely want to reach out to people who are in similar field. A great way would be to join a few active groups here. One of the greatest attributes of this particular platform is that it enables you to expand your outreach by several notches if you’re able to stir up some meaningful discussion on these groups. Get people to talk about your brand by giving them a topic surrounding which engaging discussions can be built.

Invest thought in your content

Whenever it comes to posting blogs and articles on LinkedIn, you should only choose something which you would think of including in your website. Even while you are writing your profile you need to remember that the texts that you’re adding there, need to be optimized.