Whether you are welcoming it or not, the holiday season is knocking at the door. With Christmas just over a month away, consumers are already starting to browse online retailers and local stores. However, there is no reason to assume that they are involving themselves in reckless spending only. With the holiday season coming up many people prepare themselves for the shopping spree and merry-making galore by using smart financial apps. You may now do enough savings well in advance and avail the best Xmas deals.

Last year almost 174 million people shopped online and in stores at the start of the holiday season between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, as per the National Retail Federation. At some point, it seems that online shoppers were actually spending approximately $1 million every minute even before the start of Cyber Monday, as per Shopify. That day actually broke several records, achieving sales of approximately $6.6 billion as per https://www.forbes.com. The holiday season is always profitable and busy for retailers; however, with new trends and experimental designs, 2018 is all set to be an exciting year for holiday season shoppers. People today, are not just interested in buying things; they are more interested in buying experiences. If a business owner wishes to put his retail experience in the forefront, this holiday season is certainly a competitive and important time for doing it. Customers are looking for a wonderful experience and they wish to connect with the brand as per https://www.forbes.com.

As 2018 Christmas shopping season is about to start with a bang, here are some brilliant apps for browsing and purchasing gifts for your near and dear ones, your family, close friends, and even colleagues. You have access to a plethora of finance apps options to help and guide you along this festive season and Xmas shopping. Some smart shoppers have already understood the importance and versatility of mobile apps and even websites for extending their holiday dollars further and to assist them in firmly sticking to established budgets. In this context, get in touch with debt consolidation companies” to manage your debts well and enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money would be connecting to your usual bank accounts and analyzing the movement of the cash. This app offers some smart suggestions such as how you could save some money. Clarity Money could be highlighting recurrent withdrawals directed towards subscriptions you are not using any longer. It suggests cancelation as a smart option. Moreover, Clarity Money could be digging up deals for helping you actively in saving money on your expenses such as phone bill. Moreover, this smart app could help you remain limited to a specific level of saving or even spending. Last but not least, this versatile app allows you to start a saving account very much within the app. This app is easy to use and is quite intuitive with a truly attractive interface. This sort of an automatic money management could be saving you lots of dollars. Moreover, the app comes free. Start using this way before Christmas to accumulate enough savings for a tension-free shopping spree.


Penny is fueled by the amazing power of Artificial Intelligence for managing your finances. Just like other apps, it efficiently manages all your bank account activities. However, it allows you to chat with a bot about your bank account information and details. You do not have to browse through menus and charts while using Penny. The amazing Penny bot would be sending you notifications related to your earnings and spending, monthly summaries of all your bills and even break up your spends by categories. For setting goals or doing something else within the app, you need to send an instant message to Penny putting in your request. Keep saving so that the holiday shopping could be stress-free and you do not need to depend on loans or credit cards.

The Coupons App

Thanks to this wonderful app, you are now able to look for coupons, promo codes, and deals online from over 100,000 retailers. You would be able to browse both national, as well as, local offers using your precise location. You could set your current location so that you could get appropriate alerts when attractive deals are available close to you. This app has dedicated a section exclusively to Black Friday deals so it becomes quite convenient to find what you have in mind. Moreover, there is no reason to worry about stock outs as the app would be reminding you when a particular coupon is actually about to expire.


This app seems to be pretty similar to the rest of the coupon apps. However, it also provides you with the coupon codes currently available for online shopping. This seems to be the companion app officially for Offers.com that is known to be a fantastic website for providing phenomenal Black Friday offers. It also offers to its user’s coupon codes of over 15,000 brands, stores, and even restaurants. With over 300 categories right from travel to electronics, this is certainly a must-have application for the impending festive season.


Slickdeals is a versatile and super-effective app that makes it really effortless and easy to identify the slickest or the hottest deals available on the Internet. This app features several diverse sections that may include user forums. We find that there are multiple updates every day to the content.  This app would be constantly keeping you updated about price modifications, rebates, or coupons. However, the user base is helpful and friendly in terms of locating cheaper options and finding new deals.

Santa’s Bag

Santa’s Bag was designed keeping holiday shopping on top of the mind. This app is exclusively available on the App Store meant for iOS devices. The app allows you to generate a comprehensive and extensive shopping list. Keep monitoring your budget and keep track of the things you have already bought. Keep a strict check over your expenses during the holiday season and for that purpose, Santa’s Bag is the very best for an iOS user.


Finance apps are increasingly becoming popular with the increasing boom in the e-commerce sector or online shopping. The bricks-and-mortar retail outlets have been envying the online stores for quite some time now. Nothing could ever beat the convenience and ease of online shopping for the customer. Use the fantastic apps discussed above and keep shopping and let the good times roll!