Three Best VoIP Apps for your Smartphone

Are you spending too much on your wireless bill? Are you going over budget every month and would like to cut your monthly cell phone bill? Don’t worry! We’ve all been there! A year ago, I somehow ended up spending $1,007 on my cellular phone bill. I couldn’t believe it! Luckily, I took my friends’ advice, did some research and decided to check out some mobile VoIP apps.

After trying them out for a year or so, I am a more savvy consumer and have the knowledge to help you avoid a similar situation. There are some wonderful mobile VoIP apps that can help you save lots of cash. Check out my three favorite VoIP apps for smartphones that you should use to make calls and get an international phone number instead of using your minutes:


Skype has millions of devoted and passionate users worldwide. When talking about free VoIP texting and calling, Skype is one of the major players and my personal favorite. The app offers absolutely free voice and video calls to other Skype users. Being cross-platform, Skype has apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and desktop OSes. I think Skype is perfect because the rates are really low and the call quality is amazing.


A favorite alternative texting app, Viber lets you make voice calls on Wifi or over data to other people using Viber anywhere in the world with no cost whatsoever. If you have this useful app, you can also make VoIP calls to telephones or other cell phone users at low costs. It is also cross-platform, so Viber has apps for iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, just to name a few. In my opinion, Viber stands out thanks to its wonderful audio quality even in areas with poor coverage.


Available for Android and iOS, MagicApp allows users in the US and Canada to make voice calls over Wifi or over data to any domestic or international number for extremely low rates. You get a special number when you’re using this great app. As usual, calls in the same network to other people using MagicApp are free. The same company offers a MagicApp device to use at home. This app is great! When I’m away, I get calls from my MagicApp at home routed to my cell phone.

If you like the idea of cutting your wireless phone bill by making calls over VoIP apps, it could get even better for you. You can also reduce costs and save tons of money for your business by switching to VoIP. One of my favorite VoIP phone providers is Take a look at the site and you’ll get information on the latest trends in VoIP phone systems for your business as well as other cutting-edge products. I just love Telco Depot because they are telecommunication specialists and offer free expert advice. If you would like to learn more about VoIP telephones, please click here to take a look at their multiple options.