Cell phones are carcinogenic hazards; they pose the risk of developing cancer to the humans. However life without cell phones is unimaginable, but experts are worried that the exposure to constant force fields can endanger health. In the present day we are exposed to more radiation than our previous generations. The electromagnetic radiations coming out from the cell phone might cause brain tumors, autism and fertility problems. However, it is not possible that we completely avoid them so the least we can do is to protect ourselves as much as possible from it.

phone radiation

Here are some tips to brace yourself against cell phone radiation.

  • Keep the cell phone away from your body. Carry it in your handbag or brief case instead of keeping it in your hand or pocket all the time.
  • While talking on the phone it is best to switch to speaker mode and keep the phone at a distance. It still emits radiation but is much better than keeping it close to your head.
  • Use a wired headset that emits less radiation and also you need not have to put your phone near your head.
  • Use a Bluetooth emitter as it emits lesser radiations than cell phone.
  • Switch your phone off when not in use especially during the nights when you do not make or receive calls.
  • Make a call when you have the maximum reception so that the cell phone emits less radiation.
  • Never make calls in elevators, cars, planes etc as your phone draws more power and emits more radiations in closed metal spaces.
  • When you are at home or in the office use your fixed line phone instead of mobile. Do not use cordless phones as they emit radiations too.
  • Try texting instead of placing a call.
  • Do not get carried away by the radiation shields available in the market. They hamper reception which in turn causes more radiation emission.
  • Use a low radiation cell phone. Though the mobile phone retailers do not give you the details of specific absorbency rate or SAR, search it up in the internet or consult environmental working groups online database. Even a low radiation phone still emits some radiation so best keep it away from your body.
  • Do not have lengthy phone conversations when not necessary. Instead use a land line for those conversations.
  • Do not give cell phones to your toddlers or infants as pacifiers. If you have to then better put them in “airplane mode”.


These are some tips to protect yourself as much as you can from the radiations oozing out of the mobile phone constantly.