How to Protect from Mobile Phone Radiation

It is official now that cell phone radiation has a hazardous effect on health. If you take preventative measures, you can limit your exposure to harmful cell phone radiation. Here are 5 ways to protect you from Cell phone radiation.


1.      Use Airplane Mode

Most of the phones these days have now have a function that allows their cell phones to be used on airplanes. Airplanes have a lot of radios and to prevent the jamming of airplanes radio signals with your cell phones signals, cell phones are not allowed to be used on board. But now a days cell phones have a special mode called Flight mode, which cuts of all wireless transmissions from cellular devices and also it stops the risk of cell phone radiation too. So, if you are not using your phone for a long period, then turn it into the flight mode so you will be exposed to less radiation. It also saves battery as less energy is required when wireless transmissions are blocked.

2.      Protect your Organs

This tip is particularly for the male users. Ladies usually keep their phones in their purses, so they will be less exposed to radiation. Men, however carry no purses so they keep them in their front pocket. Cell phones are miniature antennas’ that constantly send and receive information. So, keeping the mobile phones close to your male organs might be a major concern. You cannot avoid them completely or carry a purse like the ladies either. So, either turn the phone into airplane mode or turn it off if you are not expecting any calls.

3.      Have a Sound Sleep

Many people carry their mobile phones where ever they go, even to their bed at night. Placing your cell phones at a distance less than 6” from your head could worsen your exposure to cell phone radiation. So, either turn it off or put it in Airplane mode and use it as an alarm clock. Wi-Fi routers also need to be out of the bedroom. Think about creating a space that is ideal for sound sleeping without radiations and relegate the other electronics to other parts of home.

4.      Rev Up Your Texting Fingers

Texting requires less signal power than calling or receiving calls on your phone. So, when it is appropriate try sending a text rather than talking on the phone and this will expose you to less radiation. It seems like a conservative option, but if you really want to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure, then try texting.

 5.      Use an EMF Proof Headset

A few EMF Proof Headsets are available in the market. This technology works like a stethoscope and allows the users to hear their telephone conversations without the use of wires, which conduct potentially harmful cell phone transmissions into the user’s ears. One of the best EMF Proof Headsets that are available are “blue tube” technology. Pick the one that suits your device. If you are not in a position to invest in a new headset, then at least switch to speaker mode in your phone and keep your phone at 5 feet away from you, as far as you can hear clearly from.

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