Do you Think the reasons to buy Iphone 5

The much hyped iPhone 5 did leave a lot of people with disappointment. Apple does have marketing skills and yes their products sell well, but iPhone 5 lacks in a lot of departments. Let’s take a look at 7 of those reasons to not buy iPhone 5


1.      Design

People are bored with the same old stereotypic design of Apple iPhone 5. Apple is considered as one of the best mobile designers in the world. What’s the use of this title, it has not produced a new design for its latest iPhone 5. It’s not that that the design is bad, but it looks old. It has the same design as that of its predecessors-iPhone 4 and 4S. Users expected a new design, but all in vain.

2.      iOS 6

The new iOS 6 does not come with any big improvements from its predecessor. iOS is no doubt the best mobile operating system, but now even Microsost and Google can compete with it, because windows 8 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich are good too. Google’s Android OS can be customized in many different ways, which is kind of a problem with iOS, though Cydia customization is allowed in the jail break option of for iOS.

3.      Features

People have expected something revolutionary with iPhone 5 but were badly disappointed with nothing such in it. The Camera’s panorama mode was presented as an amazing feature instead of coming with something new and useful. It would have been amazing if launched some years back. But now it is not even worth mentioning because every Smartphone now has this feature. Another feature that is late again is integrating Facebook. Siri has been improved but still is not very accurate.

4.      Innovation

Innovation is what first expected of Apple. They have innovated in the past but seems like they have stopped it now and the example is iPhone 5. Nothing is innovative it, at least as expected of Apple. Apple has done nothing with NFC.The first four versions have been really cool, while the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 seem to only be slight improvements over the previous version.

5.      Display

The display size of Apple iPhone’s was expected to change, and yes iPhone 5 has a slightly bigger display now than its previous versions which had insufficient space for apps. But one drawback is its resolution. A resolution of minimum 720p was expected from Apple iPhone 5, instead it settled for a 1136 X 640 pixels.

6.      Hardware

Hardware has not been improved very much either and its competitors can beat it in this area. The A6 dual core CPU processor with a 1.2 GHz frequency can be compared with other flagship devices. Apple lacks specs in their Smartphones, which is required for gaming and other apps. Android has quad-core processors clocked up to 1.6Ghz and 2GB of RAM, which is amazing.

7.      Maps

This is one major flaw of iPhone 5. They are much worse than Google’s. Nokia or Bing’s maps are much better. Apple might be working on them, but people want them now and not in a few years from now.


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