Do you Know the Defects of Iphone 5

Apple has unveiled its latest Smart phone iPhone 5 on the September 21st, 2012. There was much hype created months before its release causing a stir of expectations among the people. But after the iPhone 5 hit the markets, the early customers began voicing their displeasure with the device. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of them being manufacturing defects. Let’s take a look at its top 6 defects and advantages.


  1. It gets too hot to handle: This seems to be the prime reason for disappointment among users. After few minutes of browsing or simply holding the phone, its back where the battery is, gets too hot to hold in the hand. A customer even measured the temperature of the phone and claimed it was about 44 degrees centigrade.
  2.  iPhone 5 battery is not as good as iPhone 4S: The heat and battery life issue seems to be linked somehow. Users, who have complained about battery getting hot, also complained about shorter battery life. However it is not for sure if there is defect in some of those batteries, which is leading them to overheat and lose charge simultaneously. For the sake of millions of iPhone users, hope Apple Inc. engineers soon figure out the problem.
  3. Scratch and Lose: When the phone was released, one of the feature that was specified was, the new Anodized aluminium case, which is more scratch resistant than the standard aluminium used in the lesser phones. But many users are complaining that they discovered graffiti of scratches on their iPhones the first time they took it out of the box. The complaint for scratches on the black iPhones  are more than white iPhones.
  4. Siri is officialy a bimbo now:  Siri was an intelligent personal assistant that apple has described her as. But in its latest avatar, the iPhone 5 it is just a mess of simple things like weather reports. Siri is also confusing Richmond, Virginia for New Richmond, Ohio; Carrollton, Texas for Carrollton, Indiana; and St. Louis, Missouri for St. Louis, Georgia. Good luck with that.
  5. LTE signal/ reception issue: Users have been complaining about the signal and reception of iPhone 5. One such user has complained that, when the phone is on 3G there was full signal and the internet worked great. But when settings are changed into LTE, signal dropped to 2 bars and this consistently happened in different cities. The complaint persists even after turning the phone off and on.
  6. Rat-tat-tat-tat:  Well, the complaint seems to be a little funny as the title goes, but it was on a funny note. The next complaint iPhone 5 users have is that it has a lose screw somewhere in it, which makes rattling noise and annoys them to no end.


These are the top issues users have raised with their new iPhone 5, but these are not the only issues that are troubling the users. There are other complaints, from touch screen problems to slow Wi-Fi and from speakers not working properly to yellow screen tints and more. Is Apple really missing Steve Jobs, who was obsessed with quality?.

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