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  • CEX IO is a commodity exchange website

    CEX IO is a commodity exchange website

    CEX.IO is a commodity exchange website designed to enable registered users to trade in the mining facilities. Put in the simplest terms, the website provides a platform for users to get Bitcoins, the virtual currency used online for different purposes, through the sale and purchase of mining hardware with other users of the website. The website in itself does not play any role in the either buying or selling of the mining hardware. Given the fact that my knowledge about GHS trading and mining hardware is almost non-existent, I found the website not only quite informative but also truly appealing. Given below is the detailed review of the various aspects of the website
  • Volvo Displays CarPlay Gadget By Apple at IAS

    Volvo Displays CarPlay Gadget By Apple at IAS

    CarPlay is a new technology made by Apple which will offer a smooth experience of touch screen navigation on a car dashboard. The CarPlay was for demo for the public at the International Auto Show which was mounted and enabled in a Volvo car which integrated seamlessly with the cars hardware and software.
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone (Mac) Coupon and Review

    Wondershare Dr. Fone (Mac) Coupon and Review

    Today, you can use the world’s pioneer in data recovery system, whether it’s an iPod touch, a regular iPad or iPhone. Wondershare Dr. Fone (Mac) can help you with a lot of situations speaking of recovering diverse types of data and files that are important to you. This software is the fastest, simplest and safest approach to retrieve as well as restore your favorite files which are previously installed on your iOS devices.
  • Learn English Vocabulary Easily Using Fun Easy Learn

    Learn English Vocabulary Easily Using Fun Easy Learn

    If there’s anything important about learning English then it is all about communication and job opportunities. Whether you like it or not, the English language is an essential form of being able to communicate with other individuals. This language has become a universal language that is a must for any individual to understand and speak. Since there is heavy competition in the market therefore it is very important for individuals to be able to speak English such that it improves business promotions. Learn English vocabulary easily using the ‘Fun Easy Learn’ application.
  • How to choose the best car speakers

    How to choose the best car speakers

    With so many car speakers models ,brands, sizes ,it's natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. Making the wrong decision could cost you money,time,and could even put your sound system at risk.So before you embark on your quest for the best car speakers that fits your needs,there are some things you need to know and take into consideration first.
  • Have Fun with Slot Machines

    Have Fun with Slot Machines

    On the off chance that you love going by the money joints in your city then you can play and win on free slot machines on the web. You can now play and win on free gambling websites. Slot machines can be obtained for playing games like fruit frenzy without squandering time and cash at a casino. Also the recreations that you can play online which is club based won't result in a real misfortune like the ones encountered at a genuine clubhouse.
  • 7 Great iPad apps and Online Resources to help your child's school work

    7 Great iPad apps and Online Resources to help your child’s school work

    The iPad offers so many great uses, from managing your daily budget to planning important events such as weddings. However very few parents realise just how powerful a learning tool they can be, so here we talk you through 7 great apps for helping your child in their learning.
  • Can you learn Spanish with a smartphone?

    Can you learn Spanish with a smartphone?

    With the ever advancing technology seen in smart phones many would be forgiven for thinking that there are few things they can’t help with. From losing weight to trying for a baby, it seems that the imaginations of app developers know no bounds. One important question however is whether smartphones can really help when learning a new language, such as Spanish. Well here we have the answer!
  • Official IMEI Unlock

    Official IMEI Unlock

    If you want to buy iPhone so you can get it on cheap rate from any mobile phone service operator. You will get a big discount on this purchase. No contracts , prices are around $ 649 and $ 749 and if you buy it with contract so the cost of monthly service plan data and international data packages , one goes up paying more three times the cost of the device and with many limitations in international countries. So you must need to unlock it to engjoy this greate discount.
  • Explainer Videos - Efficiently Sharing Your Idea throughout Social Media

    Explainer Videos – Efficiently Sharing Your Idea throughout Social Media

    The significance of powerful visuals could not be overstated. An explainer video could be the next great brand seller for your business. While in some instances content might want to aid and elaborate complicated company concepts, this is the age of mobile phones, the internet and the social networking sites. Today, individuals adore to view video clips and to share them as opposed to reviewing long lines of contents clarifying regarding your newest product and services.
  • Top 4 Latest Technologies used on Curling Iron Products

    Top 4 Latest Technologies used on Curling Iron Products

    Are you impressed with Khloe Kardashian’s wavy hair? Or it’s the curly waves of Beyonce that bowls you over? Hollywood celebrities are live models for best curling iron as they keep on displaying new hairstyle styles on every occasion. What people are curious about is not the style per say but how it has been done, using what kind of curling tool. Track some of the latest technologies used in the best curling tools that are breaking barriers to create new style statements for celebrities.
  • Wi-Fi Base Station – The Most Important Component Of Wireless Technology Systems

    Wi-Fi Base Station – The Most Important Component Of Wireless Technology Systems

    Wi-Fi technology is not only the most commonly misunderstood term but also the one which people generally know the least about. This is best exemplified by the fact that people using wi-fi technology are rarely aware of the function or even the use of the wi-fi base stations, which is why they are unable to resolve even the simplest connectivity issues on their own.
  • What Services can a Professional Car Spa Provide in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida in India

    What Services can a Professional Car Spa Provide in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida in India

    A Car Spa is a car Wash, a Car Detailing Unit and a Car Cleaning Unit all rolled into one, especially in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon in India where customers are far more demanding and have varied needs compared to their counterparts in the West.
  • Free Online Slot Machines Becoming Popular

    Free Online Slot Machines Becoming Popular

    If you love visiting the casinos in your city then you can play and win on free casino slot machine games online at
  • Understand Lunatik Taktik with Its New Presence

    Understand Lunatik Taktik with Its New Presence

    Scott Wilson is the only one person who excelled the art of nailing a very fine kick starting and a very driven hardware production. There has been a huge success to his business since he newly launched with the lunatik iPod, nano watches and then again a certain touch pen which is called the stylus. The latest of their launch is the newest lunatik taktik iphone cover cases. It has made the whole technology business into a new lead. Lunatik is currently leading the hardware production business. The success entirely holds on the lunatik discount code.

Buzz2fone Is Your Online Mobile Technology Blog

Mobile Technology has been racing past generations where every individual now has become a techno geek completely indulging in the applications and music downloads that have been customized into the latest technology gadgets of this era. 2012 has in fact been recorded as the most innovation year where many technology gadgets have been introduced and gained instant popularity.

However what about keeping in touch with the fast growing technology? While your mind is completely absorbed in the newest tablets being released you’ll miss out on the recent mobile releases with respect to famous brands like Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson  So here is the platform where you can obtain mobile related news which is specifically a mobile technology blog. Listed in Directory Ready  blogs lists.

Who Are We: ‘Buzz2fone’

‘Buzz2fone’ is the new technology blog which will keep its users up to date with respect to the latest mobile related news. This online news portal has been introduced such that all the techno geeks out there will obtain instant access to the latest technology news. Considered one of the best, ‘Buzz2fone’ is an online news portal which brings some amazing updates about mobile technology.

Importance of having a mobile blog depends upon the amount of interest one has in the mobile technology world. If you’re an avid follower of the latest mobile releases and applications, then ‘Buzz2fone’ is the perfect mobile technology blog where you can obtain mobile related news every day.

This news portal for mobile industry undergoes regular updating such that not even the slightest bit of news and gossip will go unheard while you’re surfing for mobile related news online. Regarded as the best tech news portal, ‘Buzz2fone’ is the new mobile blog which will offer current information regarding different topics of the mobile industry.

Right from listing out their top 10 mobile gadgets of 2012 to covering news on other technology blogs, this tech blog has been established with features where you can access information about your favourite most mobile brands like Apple! Imagine reading through this mobile technology blog which features updates regarding Apple’s latest releases, upcoming devices and the current issues of the Apple industry.

If you’re a Blackberry fanatic then you should instantly log on to this new mobile phone blog which features reports about any new technology which has been discovered and might be introduced into the brand’s future inventions. Hence this news which is present on ‘Buzz2fone’ will update you with current and most happening mobile technology news.

All you really need to do is check out this mobile tech blog which will serve your tech savvy senses with amazing bits and pieces of the latest mobile related news.

Features of ‘Buzz2fone’:

Brand Specific

One of the major advantages of having a regulated online news portal which features technology news is that this mobile blog will specifically cover brands that have introduced mobile phones in the past. One example which we can give is of Samsung:

You can enjoy browsing through the pages of this mobile technology blog which comprises of the latest information of Samsung gadgets and Samsung additional gadgets. Read about the company’s progress in the technology world. We can also offer you the financial credits of this company’s commerce in the technology arena where other competitors like Apple, Nokia and Sony market their products profusely.

Mobile Magazine

Another initial addition that has been made on this tech news portal is the mobile tech magazine which will offer similar news on technology gadgets however it will also be featuring the upcoming gadgets. If you want to stay updated about the newest devices which are being planned for release or those gadgets which have simply been announced, this mobile tech magazine will deliver all that is required.


Top 10 Categories

Once you become accustomed to reading this mobile news blog then you’ll also be happy to come across the ‘TOP 10’ pages where the latest mobile related news regarding the most popular mobile gadgets shall be talked about.

Some of the examples of the ‘TOP 10’ pages will consist of ‘Top 10 smart phones ruled by android’, ‘Top Mobile Brands of the Youth’, ‘Top 10 tech blogs,’ ‘Top Affordable Mobile Phones of 2012’ etc


If you’re hyper about the newest applications then have a look at this news portal for mobile industry. We give you a sneak peek into the upcoming applications with respect to the brands of the mobile phones as well as talk about some of the most famous applications which have been introduced in mobile franchises like ‘Nokia’, ‘Samsung’, and ‘HTC’ etc.

‘Buzz2fone’: Isn’t it Worth a Read?

You should right away check out this mobile blog which has gained recognition in the web world for producing mobile related news regularly. Are you crazy about mobile technology? Then get instant access into the hottest updates on this mobile news blog.

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