About Apple’s Secret Carbon Fiber Device 

Wow!! Is Apple ready to launch another new device??  This is what Apple lovers have been wondering about since rumors about Apple tinkering with the idea of Carbon fiber device.  Apple has been constantly working to improve their features. This rumor could be true as Apple tries to bring something new for their customers every time they launch a device. This time it could be a carbon fiber device.

apple secret carbon device

This is the present story: An unnamed but knowledgeable person has informed a Japanese blog ‘Macotakara ’ that Apple has ordered  a large number of carbon fiber parts from a Japanese company, whose name is not disclosed. This is all the info presently available, leaving in everybody’s mind as to what Apple is going to do with this large order. The amount ordered is too small to consider Apple might use it for testing. The Japanese company from which Apple has ordered carbon fiber has been producing the parts since mid- March.  If the story turns out true Apple lovers may expect the introduction of Supposed carbon fiber devices in the near future.

Apple has been in the market for carbon fiber casings. It has even filed numerous patent requests for carbon based designs for years. A 2010 patent summarizes Apple’s desire to incorporate carbon fiber skins into its devices.

If the rumors are true then we can probably expect the purported iPad mini with the new carbon fiber skin. It will be superlight yet durable.

Fingers crossed Apple lovers, you never know today’s rumors might turn tomorrow’s facts!!


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