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SnapChat has become one of the mainstream messaging app. The problem with this app is that it does not save the messages such as images and videos. As a result, kids are using this app freely to share inappropriate messages. It only makes sense if that gets you worried as a parent. Thankfully, there are some spy tools you can use to monitor all their SnapChat activities. Here is the list.


mSpy is easily one of the best apps to monitor the smartphone activities remotely. Whether you want to track WhatsApp messages or SnapChat snaps, you can do it rather very easily using this tool. mSpy can track the images, videos and even audio files shared through SnapChat. The way it works is pretty easy. First of all, you need to buy the service from the company. Once that’s done, you will need to install it on the target device (for instance mobile phone of your kid). Now you will be able to track just about every activity on the cell phone or tablet including SnapChat messages. For this, all you will need is a computer to access your Control Panel from. Even if the messages have been deleted from SnapChat, they will still remain saved on the server. This comes as a big relief to the parents who are worried their kids may be exposed to inappropriate stuff too early in their life. mSpy is a perfect spy tool and if you are monitoring your underage kid, you are not doing anything illegal.


FlexiSpy is another great spy service you can install on the target device to monitor all of its SnapChat activities. SnapChat is quite a rage among people, especially the young kids as they can share the pictures and videos without having to worry about the messages being discovered. This is because this messaging service would delete all the messages within a few seconds. Thanks to FlexiSpy, the messages are stored on the server permanently even if they are disposed off by SnapChat. All the monitoring can be done remotely. Once you have installed FlexiSpy on the target device, you will not need that device physically.


SnapChat is quick to delete the messages (called ‘snaps’) that are sent or received to and from a device. There is no way you can retrieve the messages once they have been deleted. The company deletes everything from their server as well. This is why we need a spy service like SpyEra to monitor the mobiles phones of our kids. SpyEra will monitor every SnapChat message and save it on the server so that it can be accessed remotely. So, even if SnapChat wouldn’t keep the messages, SpyEra will. You will need to install SpyEra on the device which needs to be monitored. Rest you can access remotely.


Keeping an eye on what your kid is sharing through SnapChat could not get easier than this. WebWatcher is a spy tool that monitors SnapChat on the device on which it is installed. Any message sent or received is detected and then saved so that it can be accessed remotely. You just need to make sure you install WebWather on your kid’s smartphone. In case you wish to monitor multiple phones with SnapChat, WebWatcher would let you do that too.

SnapChat is a fun messaging tool if it us used the right way. However, its insistence to delete all the messages within a few seconds of sharing encourages many underage kids to send inappropriate messages. As a parent, you an use a spy tool to keep an eye on what your kid is doing.