2020 came and went with a massive pandemic that led the world into a huge lock down. While things looked bleak, the good news is that more and more businesses decided to go online at this time since more and more customers began to look for products and services online. Also, those companies and businesses who had already been online but were not doing much in terms of presence building, have had to become more serious about the same. This has led to a massive boom in the E Commerce and E Retail industry to the tune of a 7% growth in just a single year! This kind of growth had previously taken about ten years to achieve for the E Commerce industry – which is quite an interesting fact in itself. 

With these kind of massive opportunities, we also tend to face massive challenges. While the above growth establishes the fact that more and more people are entering as consumers online, it also means that more and more businesses are making their presence felt online. All this points to one very important word – competition. The point of doing business is to be successful at it, and the point of being successful is to rise above competition. In turn, this would imply:

  • Standing out from the rest of the crowd
  • Making use of the right tools and resources like ConvertKit alternatives 
  • Organizing yourself and your business in a way that is beneficial 
  • Automating tasks so that you would have more time for core activities to generate revenue
  • Keep an eye on where you are headed with constant insights and reports

Now that we have understood where all this is going, we have to understand why we need tools like ConvertKit alternatives to take care of business – quite literally!

  • Organize our business journey: When we are running a business online, it is important to remember that we need to be organized since there is big data in the IoT or Internet of things, which can throw us off if we do not use the right data for the right functions and right purposes. For this reason, we need a system like a ConvertKit alternative that would help us create a framework where the information is saved in fields that would make reach, engagement and conversion fueling tasks more seamless. 
  • Creating the right pitch: When you want to reach out to members of your core group or audience, you would want to do with the most well articulated ideas. When we say well articulated, what that actually means in the digital world is that it should be fully optimized and also data driven. This is what would help hook the attention of your core audience. This would be easy to do with one of the ConvertKit competitors. Therefore, you would be able to get and use data that pertain to the exact problem that your audience may be facing in your niche – or rather, the niche that your product or service operates in. 
  • Operate on Insights: Whether it is to know your audience better, or to know whether or not you are on the right path, you should have the power of insights and reports on your side, on a consistent basis. The ConvertKit alternative would help you achieve this with much ease since it operates on the basis of data that is captured and then matched with your performance to see how you may have fared in that niche or that industry as well. This is something that will help you take correct action at the right time. 
  • Keep things safe and secure: When you are online whether you sell online or build your presence online, you would want to do it in a safe and secure environment. Therefore, your information should be someplace like a platform much akin to ConvertKit competitors, so that you can access them at any point and you can protect it with encryption as well. You can also choose to give selective access to certain members of your team so that your business information is not compromised at any point. 

Now that you know what problems an alternative to ConvertKit would help you solve, you should have a look at the various Convert Kit alternatives out there:

EngageBay: This award winning platform has thousands of users all over the globe thanks to the fact that it has a wide range of functions that can take you from lead generation to lead scoring and even automation for marketing and sales pipeline related activities. Yet, this platform is one of the most affordable as well, with its most basic plan which is free and the highest plan which is $49. Yet, even the free plan comes with lots of features for a 1000 contacts. 

Active Campaign: This is an old and well known platform, yet its functions do not come at a very affordable cost especially when we are talking about beginners and small businesses that need to have resources that cost less.

Send in Blue: This alternative to ConvertKit is basically all about email marketing. Yet, it does not offer all integrations so you would have to invest in other channels too.

 Sales Flare: This is a well known alternative to Convert Kit and it basically offers all email marketing features within its platform. Yet, what one notices is that it does not have a very wide range of functions. 

Constant Contact: This upcoming platform is one that creates great email templates, yet it is not the most affordable one. 

Get Response: This old platform is an ever evolving one, even though it has fewer features and a higher price in general when compared to other ConvertKit alternatives. 

So, as you can see, EngageBay would be one of the best alternatives to ConvertKit for your business, especially if it is a small and growing one that needs affordable resources.