The internet represents a wealth of opportunities to earn money online. If your income isn’t quite going far enough each month, then setting up a side-earner to supplement your income could drastically increase your financial security. Making money online isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to be time-consuming, you just have to know where to look.

Whether you want to generate a full-time income through online avenues, or you are looking for a little bit extra each month to provide you with some more creature comforts, the internet can meet your financial needs. Here are three ways you could be making money on the internet right now.

An Amazon FBA Business

 Start an Amazon fba Business, or ‘fulfilment by Amazon’, to leverage Amazon’s vast customer base and distribution network and build your business. FBA businesses are e-commerce businesses where you source a product from a third-party, then sell it on Amazon.

Find an overseas supplier (Alibaba is a good place to look for buying products in bulk), then begin selling on Amazon. You are your own boss, the master of your own fate. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you have total control over your working hours, however, those that put time and effort into developing a strong and thriving FBA business can earn up to $50,000 per month.

Take Online Surveys

 For those with less time to spend setting up an FBA business, online surveys can generate a small amount of additional revenue each month. Market research companies are always on the lookout for participants willing to take surveys and share their experiences on certain products.

Some of the more elaborate surveys can pay between $3 and $5 and can take around 30 minutes to complete. However, it is worth noting that some companies sell participants’ data on to third-parties. Be sure to check the privacy policy before participating in a survey.

Tutor Online

 If you have specialised knowledge or a niche skill, chances are someone somewhere will pay you to impart that knowledge online. Even if your knowledge isn’t that specialised, if you did well at school, there may be a student out there you can help with their academic studies.

Online tutoring is the preferred income booster for many due to the ease at which it can be performed. All you need to establish yourself as an online tutor is a laptop and a strong internet connection. It can also be very lucrative. Depending on your skill and knowledge, some families will pay up to $30 an hour for you to tutor their child.

There are plenty of online tutoring agencies out there. Alternatively, place a classified ad on an online noticeboard and tutor freelance. You can make more money this way but will have to spend more time handling your timetable and planning advertising and marketing methods to generate students.

These three ways of making money online do not require extensive technical knowledge, nor are they particularly time-consuming. They require discipline and determination, as well as some time set aside at the beginning to get the ball rolling.