what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of cell phone

Cell phones have become a daily part of our life these days. Earlier, cell phones used to be a craze, symbol of money and success but nowadays it is a necessity. It feels like you are incomplete without your cell phone with you all the time. It surely is a device of great advantage but it has another side to it. It has disadvantages too. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone.



  • Talking on the phone helps you improve your communication skills. It will help you improve your interacting habits.
  • It is a device that comes really handy in case of emergencies. You can call the emergency services when stuck in a road traffic accident or if in a lone place you can call and ask for directions.
  • Parents can be in touch with their kids, so they would be less worried about them.
  • You can have internet handy all the time and if you are net-savvy, it will really be to your advantage.
  • On the economy and business point of view, cell phone companies are flourishing with market capitol in billions. This is good for the economy of the country.
  • Cell phones are medium to reach the consumers. Companies use cell phones as medium to advertise their products.
  • Cell phones are not just to talk or text. It is a device that has everything in it like games, clock, notes, reminder, browser etc. So, it has a lot of uses.




  • Cell phones lead to addiction. Some people especially, teens get so much addicted to talking, messaging and watching videos that they forget the real purpose of the phone and waste a lot of valuable time.
  • Health of those living in the vicinity of the cell phone towers is becoming a growing concern these days. These towers emit strong electromagnetic signals, which can be health hazard for those living nearby as they will be constantly exposed to strong radiations.
  • Cell phone monthly bills are more than the landline bills. It increases our monthly expenses.
  • It gets annoying to take calls when you are in the midst of something important or take a call from boss asking you to come back urgently from your holiday.
  • Use of hand free devices like Bluetooth can at time pass loud sounds to our ears which an result in weakening of ear drums.
  • The continuous exposure to signal of cell phone could be a cancer concern.
  • If the battery and other parts of cell phone are not disposed properly, it can be an environmental hazard.

Though there are disadvantages associated with the use of a cell phone, yet it is a device of great use to humanity if used properly and sensibly, making the disadvantages simply insignificant.


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