Android 4.1 – Jelly bean review

Android 4.1, “The jelly bean”-An Absolute perfection!!

android 4.1 jelly bean
Android is the most popular OS on new Smartphones and Jelly bean is a solid refinement of this OS.


  • Fluid transitions
  • Improved notifications
  • Simple but beautiful User Interface
  • Camera
  • Android beam
  • Enhanced mobile security
  • Google Now
  • Resizable widgets



  • Keypad adjustments
  • Browser has trouble with page formatting.
  • Google Now doesn’t work well enough yet.
  • Upgrade schedule for new and existing devices is a huge question mark.

Jelly bean review

Android 4.1 aka Jelly bean even with its minute disadvantages is still considered an absolute perfection regarding mobile OS. It is fast, smooth, fluid like. It has beautiful transitions and polished to perfection that makes Ice cream sandwich look clunky. Everything with this new OS feels like fluid, fast and smooth. It is as simple as turning pages to move between homescreens, access apps. Its touch responses and reactions are more reactive and uniform. Jelly bean boosts your device’s CPU instantly when the screen is touched and makes the Android device more responsive. The notifications are now expandable, customizable and they expand and collapse.  You can now, without actually going into the app perform various app related actions from the notification of the app itself. This implies more work with less clicks. With just a swipe over the camera, it switches to film strip view, where you can quickly view the clicked photos and also delete the ones you do not like with just a swipe. Photo sharing is as fast as the breeze. Text input options have been improved in the Jelly bean. As usual it supports regular touch based typing but also has an alternative, the improved voice base typing. 18 extra language are supported, better dictionary and predictive text is available on the stock keyboard. With Android beam, photo, video sharing can be done with a small tap. Users can share images, videos, contacts, apps, directions etc between NFC devices and NFC-ready handsets will be able to instantly pair with Bluetooth devices, again, by simply tapping them together. The search experience has improved in Android with Jelly bean. The new search offers a voice search, Google Now and new user interface. These are all the outstanding features of the Andorid’s latest OS Jelly bean.

However, the keypad adjustments, browser has troubles with page layouts. These issues need to be sorted out.

Though Apple’s iOS 6 provides great competition  to the Android Jelly bean, It still has ways to fight the competition. Apple can’t just rely with one or two devices to withstand the competition of Android which has Samsung with lots of devices which users love and prefer over the iPhone 5 for many potential reasons. Apple needs to buck up if wants to safeguard its position.

Android’s jelly bean is still the best and strongly recommended.

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