Smart phones these days have apps literally for everything. They make life simple and easy with many apps that fall in the categories of finance, cooking, health, fitness and the list just goes on. Well, beauty also is a part of this list. There are many beauty apps that you can download from the app stores and enhance your style quotient. The following are few top beauty apps for you:


This is a free app for iPhone and Android users. With this app you can browse thousands of stylish hairstyles from professional hairstylists and create a new look and portfolio  and get it transferred to your phone. So, you no longer have to turn the magazine pages for new hairstyles and rip the pages and stuff it in your pocket and take it to the beauty salon and show it to your hair stylist to get one for yourself. Create personalized portfolios on your phone with this app. You can share new haircut with your friends and clients, store and organize your hair cuts, locate hair salons nearest to you, view hair pictures, call hair salon’s for location directions etc.

My Own App              

If you are not sure how healthy your skin is, try this beauty app “My Own App . It is a free app that is available for iPhone and Android users. You just have to upload your photo and this app analyzes it for deep wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and pigmentation. The app evaluates your photo and gives the users a comparison of the current photo and a photo of what you might look like with a good skin care regimen. There is also a tracking tool which shows you how your complexion will change over time. If you love comparing yourself then this app is surely for you.

Make Up for Ever

Well, all the ladies might not have the privilege of a personal makeup artist and who attend to you immediately on your call. However, it does not mean that you cannot get professional help, the Make up Forever app is the best thing you have at such situations. This app provides the step by step tutorial of makeup and also provides users with makeup looks for every occasion. The app not only tells you which color make up you should be wearing but also offers tips to fix make up mistakes and skin issues.


Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio 

Most of us don’t have a personal makeup artist on call, but Make Up For Ever’s app might be the next best thing. A series of easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials walks users through makeup looks for every occasion. But, it’s not just about color; the app offers tips for fixing common makeup mistakes and skin issues. And if you find the perfect eye shadow color or lip gloss shade? Save your favorites to a wish list, then let your phone’s GPS send you to a real-world shopping spot. This is a free app available for iPhone and Android users.


This is a iPad app that does skin assessment and takes you to the assessment of two great dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. With this app you can discover the personality of your skin or as the app is named “Perskinality” by just clicking a photo with your phone and answering 5 simple questions about your lifetyle. You can then find out more about your skin habits and future appearance with the help of these two doctors. Your problem areas in the skin will be revealed and you will be prescribed a skin care plan and also product suggestions for your skin care problems.

Daily Beauty Quotes

Once in a while you read beauty quotes that resemble the wisdom quotes. We read beauty quotes from celebrities and fashion magazines which can be inspiring and uplifts your mood. If you are that interested in beauty quotes  download the app beauty quotes and get beauty quotes from everybody ranging from Coco Chanel to Marlin Monroe or you can even set an alarm that wakes you up with a random beauty quote and make your beautiful. This app is available for iPhone and iPad users for a price of $2.99.

Match Maker By True Match

The Match maker app from True Match helps you find the right make up shade by determining your skin unique undertone and depth through some questions. Once you answer all the questions and you find the right shade of foundation that suits you will be provided with the stores info which sells your foundation shade. You can also get to know which celebrity uses the same foundation tone that matches yours.

Smize Yourself

This is a bizarre but funny and entertaining app available for iPhone and iPad users for just $0.99. With this Smize yourself app you can add some fierce to your photos, all thanks to Tyra Banks. Tyra banks will teach you how to smile with your eyes or otherwise called “smize”. This app sizzles your smize in a new way every time. You can share the smizes on Facebook, Titter etc. This app uses facial morphing technology with a voice over narration of Tyra Banks.

These are some of the popular beauty apps for all the ladies who wish to look beautiful.