Recently Apple won a major lawsuit against the Korean  based company Samsung for infringement of patent rights. For this the company had to pay Apple 1 billion dollars. However, Samsung intends to appeal the judge’s decision so it did not pay its rival even a dime. But they were funny rumors circulating the web that 30 trucks full of nickels to Apple’s office in California.  This was a hoax that was originally posted on gag9. Even though it was just a hoax, it was hilarious to even think about 30 truckloads of five cent coins.

funny rumors

The false story was quickly debunked by the hoax busting websites, but in vain as the news spread like wild fire, going viral all over the internet  and millions of readers shared the laughter. Many even wished it to be true.

What if Samsung really paid it that way??

1 billion dollars = 1 000 000 000 dollars
1 dollar = 20 * 5 cent coins
1 000 000 000 dollars = 20 000 000 000 * 5 cent coins

Diameter = 21.21 mm
Thickness = 1.95 mm

Volume of a cylinder

radio is half the diameter -> 21.21/2 = 10.605 mm
V = PI * 10.605mm * 10.605mm * 1.95mm = 6.1261056745 mm3
6.1261056745 mm3 = 0.0000061261 dm3 per coin

If we also remember
1dm3 = 1 L
so we have 0.0000061261 L in a 5 cent coin

0.0000061261056745*20 000 000 000 = 122,522.11349 L total
Large trucks – 21,000 to 34,000 L
Smaller tank trucks – 11,000 L;
trunks used to deliver fuel – 3,800 L

so if they used 30 trucks
122,522.11349 / 30 = 4084.07044967 L per truck.

Which means they would just need around 30 small trucks to carry it all. It needed a lot of math…

In some cases, the story was accompanied by an image allegedly showing the transaction in place. The picture shows thousands of copper coins – not silver US nickels.

Even though the story made everyone laugh it was declared just a rumor.

Samsung is thought to be appealing the verdict which might delay its payment to Apple. The jury’ verdict is not due till the 20 th September and until then Samsung has to only pay its lawyers.

Even though the story is not true, it would have caused a laugh riot if it really happened. One can only imagine 30 loaded trucks full of five cent coins in front of Apple office. One can only wonder how would they count the amount!!!