Privacy sites of Android apps has been ceased by US in copyright crackdown.

The access to three websites which are presenting pirated copies of apps (Android) has been ceased by US authorities. “It is the first time where website domains of a cell phone app are seized,” said Department of Justice. The three websites involved are, and The pages are now showing a FBI warning and the offenders who are involved in copyright violation will be facing up the jail for next five years. FBI made a statement by saying, “This theft within the cyber ground has become a growing problem and at any point will not be ignored by the government of US law enforcement community.

The theft cost millions of dollars to a company and they can restrain the expansion and accomplishment of new applications and proposal. The agency reports that the search warrants has been implemented in the country for 6 areas which includes Florida, Texas, Georgia and Mississippi. International law imposed officials from Netherlands and France which has help in seizing the evidences from servers outside US and it has hosted many of the website contents. Sally Quillian Yates, US attorney for the Northern District of Georgia said, “They will seize and continue to shut down the websites the market pirated apps and if suitable we will keep a track on those who are in charge for criminal charges.” This is the first time in US where app piracy has been seizure.Over recent months the complaints about android app piracy is being repeated and has made the headlines for tech. In the month of April sports maker complains that every 10 copies of his football game nine of them are downloaded illegally.