The industry source report says that the orders for DRAM and NAND chips have been reduced by iPhone maker.


Apple one of the most leading company which is making great profits from past few years have cut the orders of Samsung memory chips. They have done it for their new or next generation iPhone. The reason behind this was that Apple doesn’t wants to be dependent upon their competitor and legal foe. This news source is from industry sources.

Samsung is been providing the memory chips to iPhone and iPads from longer period and they are the primary supplier especially for both the NAND and DRAM storage. The Reuters report says that Apple has cut down its orders and reduced it to South Korean electronics. It is an endeavor to expand the supply lines.

For the meantime, Korea Economic Daily reports that Apple has not just reduced but has chopped completely the Samsung Company from their list to provide memory chips for their new iPhone which is the first shipment. As a replacement for Samsung memory chips Apple has chosen Elpida memory, Toshiba and Korea’s SK Hynix. Now, Apple is going with these new companies and they have added them in their lists for memory chips.

On the other hand Reuters source says that Apple has definitely reduced but not cut down completely and Samsung in the initial list of suppliers for iPhone. It also says that it is a conflict between two great tech titans Apple and Samsung and the verdict was not related to the current courtroom.

The world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer says that Apple has not taken the final decision and they are planning to trim down their dependence upon Samsung chips. Apple has invested $1 billion in other Taiwan chips making company so possibility is high that Apple may not be willing to depend upon Samsung in future.