WSOP Real Money Poker App – A Great App That Offers Great Features And Advantages For Poker Lovers

When it comes to online games, poker is definitely one of the most popular and extensively played games across the world. In a bid to extend the popularity of the game even further, launched real money player app that enables people to play the game directly from their iOS device at almost any time and from anyplace.

Being an avid player of poker, I naturally felt and urge to review the poker app that has become created a buzz amongst poker lovers across the globe. Here is what I learnt.


  • In Terms Of Avilability: The WSOP real money poker app for iTunes is available for free download from app store. However, if you are a new player you need to sign up for a account before you can really get to play the game. Also the app has not been restricted only to players in US which means that it can be used by almost anyone in any part of the globe.
  • In Terms Of Space and Installation: The app size is just round 29MB which does not make it too heavy for your iOS device. Moreover, I found it quite easy to install beside which its user friendly design that makes navigation quite simple, also impressed me a lot. The app brings with it freedom of unlimited play as there is no restriction on the number of hours that you can spend in playing poker through it. Many other top betting sites like ,  also provide.
  • In Terms Of Safety:I found thelatest version of WSOP iTunes poker app is completely safe and reliable. As a player, you would not need to worry about your privacy and bankroll and can be rest assured about the safety of your personal information. Moreover, coming from, one of the most trusted and renowned names in online poker play, the app offers a guarantee of trust and efficiency.
  • In Terms of Interaction And Connectivity:  The one thing that made me absolutely fall in love with this appI was the high level of connectivity offered by the app. I no longer needed to travel to the gaming sites to play my favorite game as the app simply brought them to my fingertips. In fact, connecting and interacting with my opponents was extremely smooth. This enabled me to enjoy the thrill of every tournament and also ensured that I never missed a game, unless I really wanted to do so.
  • In Terms Of Efficiency And Performance:Another aspect of this poker app that really impressed me was the efficiency with which the app works. In fact, was able to start playing in a hassle free manner within just moments of downloading the app. Moreover, I was also able to take a productive break between two poker games as the app enabled me to play blackjack and that too with real money.


Overall I found the WSOP real money poker app truly worth its value. With a reputed brand in the world of online gaming backing the app, it offers several advantages that add to the fun and thrill of playing poker with real money. So if you have still not downloaded the app, do so now and let the excitement begin!