New businesses know that the hardest part about launching a new product or service is getting your brand known by people. Promoting a new brand in the Asian market has always been reliant on in-person marketing activation at a mall or event and heavy offline promotional sales campaigns. But in today’s COVID-19 environment, online sales are now king, making display ads the most effective way to get your new brand noticed.

Display ads are everywhere, and unless you have heroically stayed off the internet for the last decade-plus, you’ve seen them as you browse the internet. They appear on the sidebars and at the tops and bottoms of websites. You’ve probably also noticed that display ads often show you products or services you are interested in or that you have already looked into.

In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of display ads and how you can utilize them to grow your business’s reach.

It Starts with Google

Google has a comprehensive advertising network called, simply, Google Ads. Google Ads comprises a range of advertising options, including display ads. When you opt to advertise using display ads on Google, you will be accessing the Google Display Network (GDN).

Websites that get a lot of visitor traffic can work with Google to get advertising on their site. Websites like accepting ads because it is a great way for them to make passive income. When your business pays to advertise on GDN, Google will manage the placement of the advertisements. 

For both businesses and website owners, the process is seamless with GDN.

Design You Ad

Now that you know you can advertise with ease using GDN, the next step is to design your ads. Google gives you a few options on the size and type of each advertisement you wish to place. This is where your marketing team needs to get creative.

With display ads, you want to make sure that users are attracted to your ads without making them annoyed by them. For example, flashing images will get attention but will frustrate the user. Under the idea that a given user will only look at your ad for a few seconds, you need to make sure your ads are clean, clear and deliver you unique selling points effectively. 

Choose from simple display ads or get creative with a video. You can even choose a Rich Media ad, which is interactive and encourages users to click on it. 

It’s good practice to develop a set of ads for each of your target markets. This makes each ad much more effective and increases the chance a user will click through to your website. 

Target Who You Want

Google Ads makes it easy to choose who you want to target with your display ads. Using demographic filters, such as age, location, identifying gender, and others, you can pinpoint who you want to reach based on your target customer’s profile. You know your target audience best, and this feature gives you control over who you want to see your ads.

Once you have some data and a history of visitors coming to your website, you can try your hand at remarketing. Here you can specifically target users who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase. Sometimes, a user needs a gentle reminder to buy.