For an e-commerce business owner managing inventory, attracting new customers, running from meeting to meeting,  handling finances, administering all the tasks efficiently becomes very hectic. The use of technology i.e., Smartphones and Tablets have made our management work ten times easier than before. We can do all the management standing anywhere in the city using smartphones and tablets.

But there are numerous mobile applications available in the market so it becomes difficult for us to choose the best ones from the heap. We are listing down some of the best tools that will management easier and efficient along with increasing your profits.

The Best e-commerce tools of 2018


As the business keeps on growing managing inventory efficiently gets more difficult day by day. No worries! EMERGE App comes to the rescue.

EMERGE App is one of leading inventory management app for e-commerce sellers. It is a cloud-based application which provides a comprehensive management suite. Using it you can manage your customers, also it provides various inventory management platforms combined with a simple accounting solution.


As a business owner, there are a lot of important thoughts hovering in your mind at a time, so jot them down quickly and come back to them in your free time. Evernote is the best personal organizer for this.

Using Evernote you can write notes, take web clippings, keep photographs of your project, save important documents, collaborate with teammates, etc. To keep things more organized you can add tags to all notes so that you can find them easily later on.

Google Adwords and Facebook Adwords

Both are used to drive customers and increase traffic to your website. You can target the interested customers who visited your website but did not complete the purchase. Using these you are always in the mind of customers.


Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools. With Mailchimp you can create and send regular updates about your website and products to keep in touch with your customers.

It provides various easy to use and customizable templates using which you can create email campaigns to attract your customers.

For example, to every new signup on your website, you can send 30$ discount coupon.

Shopify Mobile

When you have just started your business and have little or no technical knowledge along with tight finances Shopify will be good for you. Shopify helps you reach your potential customers through a single platform such as online, in-store or social media websites.

Shopify is popular because it is user-friendly and provides numerous functionalities like you can create orders, management inventory,  track sales, 100+ user-friendly cart templates, design Shopified Facebook store,  etc.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics mobile app you can regularly check Analytics reports on your phone. All you need is continuous access to the internet and from anywhere you can check your website’s performance. Google Analytics provides real-time data, acquisition data, audience insights, behavior, and conversions.

Photoshop or Over

Photoshop is a very popular application for editing pictures. With Photoshop you can create professional photographs. Using your creativity you can edit photographs and also add graphics.

Photoshop can be a bit complicated, you can also use Over for editing pictures. Using this app you can quickly and easily make your photos more attractive. Professional photographs not only help to entice customers but also to build trust.

Social Media channels

The popularity of social media websites among the masses is not unknown to anyone, most of your potential customers spend maximum time there. To turn these potential customers into your repeat customers you need to be active on social media to grab their attention effectively.

Download mobile applications of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever social media website you are present on.

Hootsuite or Buffer

You can use any one of them, both serve the same purpose. Hootsuite will help you help you step up the social media game. It helps business owners to manage company’s social media channels. You can schedule updates, comment, reply, answer questions, connect with your potential customers, schedule tweets and facebook posts, also get an opinion about your products or company.

On Buffer app, you can plan social media calendar, track your audience’s interest, boost engagement of your customers, etc.

Strong brand presence online helps to gain customers faster.

LiveChat or Zopim

For your company’s growth, you need your customer’s doubts. Using Live chat you can personally answer all the customer support queries. You can also use Zopim to chat and clear the doubts of the visitors on your website.

In the starting of any business, there is always a financial crunch but you can avoid that if you effectively make use of the mobile applications available. Try the above-mentioned applications to make your business popular and profitable.

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite eCommerce mobile application.