Employing a personal trainer and asking a nutritionist to design you a weight losing diet is not going to help you shed that extra weight. You can now use your Smartphone to track your diet, workouts and keep up your good health. There are loads of Apps that help you keep fit. Here are five best ones of those.

1.    Calorie Counter

Counting the daily calorie intake and keeping a check on your diet is the most important part of fitness. Calorie counter is a fantastic app for those who take dieting very seriously. This app gives you info of over a million different foods and also has a bar code scanner that gives you information of the foods that you buy when you are shopping.  This app also keeps a record so that you know your performance and change your lifestyle. This app is available for download in App store and in Google Playstore.

2.    Runkeeper/Edmondo

This app is a result of 2 Sporting track apps partnership; Edmondo and Runkeeper. Both these offer GPS. Both these apps have large userbase community and are available in mobile platforms. These apps help users keep a track of their past and present record so that they can compare between them and improve their workouts.

3.    Workout Trainer

This app is ideal for people who like pre-set goals and workout to fulfill them with an exercise regimen. This app has audio instructions, instructional photos ans videos for user to work correctly. When you enter your height and weight details it designs the best workout regimen for you. You can even plan your own workout. You can also share the workout regimen with your friends over social networking sites.

4.    Fooducate

When you start dieting it is difficult in the starting to choose between the good food and the bad ones. This app helps you make healthy choices by educating you. You need not starve yourself, just look in to the content of the app and select the best food for your body. This app is created by dieticians and has a barcode scanner that scans products to tell you it is good or bad. One limitation to this app is it can use the barcode scan only for foods in US.

5.    Lose It

It is the best app for recording daily goals, calorie intake budgets and scheduling workouts. Recording all this info helps users in measuring performance and improvements. You can export this data into excel format in your computer and keep it private or add to it. The app keeps your weight under control.

From eating the right food to working out these apps keeps you motivated and guides you to a better and healthy life.